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No Swimming, Surfing Off LA, OC Waters After Storm


Now the storm has created a mess at the beach a lot of trash has been pushed into the ocean CBS 2’s Leslie marine is live in Playa Vista with the warning to stay out of the water Leslie Peter Susanne lifeguards are warning people you need to stay out of the water until at least Sunday and here is why we want to push it down towards the bridge you can see a lot of that garbage that is floating down Ballona Creek here and will eventually reach our oceans but there is an even bigger concern here in Playa Vista because a trash net that normally catches a lot of this garbage well it has broken you can see the yellow net in this video floating in the water the office of councilman Mike Bannen which who oversees this area says the city is aware the net is broken but it may not be the first time that this has happened here these are photos from the last time the net broke you can see there are piles of trash along the bank and then some even floating in the creek these were sent to us by a non-profit group that helps clean up this area called Friends of the jungle now the councilman’s office does say that they have reached out to the manufacturer to try to get the net fix it is not fixed this morning we will try to reach out to them this morning to see if there’s any updates with that net but a good reminder for people don’t litter it goes down our creeks and right into our oceans reporting live in Playa Vista Leslie Madden


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