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Neptune’s Bounty meeting Atlas? BioShock blind playthrough


Hi there we go now it’s working how’s it going kroko mitsu um hope you are all doing well so far oh wait let’s not forget to show the game mmm mitsu’s here should I really count seconds no no of course not okay aha game is working how’s it going I’m back at the apparently 200 FPS which doesn’t make any sense to me hey Omar how are you oh that’s why I have to turn down my game since it in my mouth sensitivity forgot that oh also I need to turn down the music volume because the last one got the copyright claim on it for music yes I’m watching so you can another’s better so the game and sorry well I will make sure I will make absolutely sure out grading I have to fight whatever this is I didn’t ignore you me Oh mark how are you doing what doesn’t make sense oh the the 200 FPS and right now Reno show’s 600 FPS 578 I am not kidding about that’s lies it makes no sense okay um can I purchase how do you purchase more more things engineering times improve your ability to interact with machines click to review the ones you currently have equipped why are you good what’s up with friends that’s good how was it it doesn’t make sense because it just it it doesn’t make sense I don’t know should it make sense it doesn’t feel right as 350 pounds now I only have 5 pounds left hmm how do you how do you buy more slots how do I buy this one of my more slots step 1 select a track ok step 2 it drag and drop to a quick let’s put this here is that it for some reason I don’t know that makes sense you don’t pay anything for nothing probably good let’s just move on from this how does it make sense have 500fps safety is everyone’s responsibility SGP you can reduce how many FPS but summative on your monitor yeah but still no game no game have I ever thought good when I checked Annette my mom insists that would be a good moment to be actually that oh that’s no fun hey T Lisa how are you all is okay there’s um I was okay here hope I was okay with everyone else I’m doing pretty well oh well that’s useful sound isn’t it I apologize I didn’t realize let’s put that down to three place over here I’m very sorry for the I don’t know well I’ll keep the music volume at one play okay let my family’s double standard when everyone else is nappy no until I speak with a normal voice saying we’re near the bed news when I have to shout from room to another let’s mean volume is sold out isn’t it holy cow why is the volume for this game so loud I mean let me just fix that this one if I bring it down to I don’t know there that’s not on my side as well what kind of preparation shit should I need to be when I live with mine it happens I guess it’s not nice but it happens I do feel like having the incinerate here it will be better than the other better with this sound lower Thanks yeah sorry about that I forgot that it was it was really a launcher parts of your mind’s eye I don’t have those though how am I supposed to what way what should I do only armor-piercing pistol rounds I guess I could do that armor-piercing probably start okay where does it need to go darn it I don’t know where it needs it just needs to go where it needs to go that way um okay like that and like that sure let’s do that there there there just start shooting I don’t know what I’m supposed to do completing my mom when she said well you have to fall asleep fast so I thought was okay cause if I can’t wake up to the Sun without it well maybe maybe they’ll know for next time then I guess hopefully so what what should I do in setback me I I crawl in your garden days go by like I know f5 should be the yeah save save so if I wait until he goes into the water maybe three last target and level so don’t even bother attacking him right now at all I kinda want to smack the shit in the door thing is it angry but want to attack it up wait give it to me okay come on walk over there get blown up boom no boom so should I just go over here then hey it curling around everyone’s places how dare i right losing control touches stand back up instead of come on oh really got a result it already okay Wow that’s not very nice what can I do this where’s Justine upgrades whoo I only have 40 here so I can’t really get too much extra nutrition machine Buster increased damage you do deal to cameras bots and turrets I prefer the hacking thing so reduces difficulty that might pick up on it oh that’s right you have to buy the darn thing yeah sonic boom hurls creatures and objects back with a blast of force plasmid slot okay so that’s where I have to get that from that’s that’s unfortunate I assume that there is a big bubble thing I can bounce on maybe no let’s find out nope okay goodbye let’s go back up here South China shoot me this is the other side huh this happen again okay not Hackett not huh that’s what I want all the way to the top there this one up there where is Oh what’s the springy thingy I don’t know what that does I want to find out now crap okay wait there’s one more okay good do you know some kind of lost with the whole story of this game as I haven’t seen the first streams so basically what happened so far book is we were on a plane I think it crashed we ended up in the water and now we’re in this place called what’s it called this place is called rapture but it’s basically underwater and we took some bathysphere thing down and all these people are messed up for some reason which I don’t think we’ve I don’t think the story has really told us why these people are thank you live it when I don’t a house where are you can reach me if I don’t know where you are I don’t want to though what if I want to stay here in my little bubble did you enjoy that lead head slicer person thing more fish okay well is it since I got lots of bullets and I just want to find out I did hurt the fish but still alive Adam mess it because of Adam yes so so there’s a stuff called Adam which I don’t really know what exactly it is yet I don’t know the code incorrect code entropy yes I realized successfully hack in the store will unlock it okay cool you start this one’s probably gonna go very quickly isn’t it like that and it needs to go where okay I see it like that the hacking isn’t too difficult then one sec I’m gonna increase the the sound effect volume just a little bit again so we can actually hear things and voiceover so you can find Jesus a place apparently apparently yes I don’t get in there there’s things flashing around there’s gotta be telekinesis if I have telekinesis right oops how did you even get down here my rocket things don’t blow you up black markets black markets black market for what blow up the fish no thanks not yet hmm he’s here he’s there he’s ever are you gonna call Jesus tank with the Ghostbusters just call Jesus instead let’s put the telekinesis yes don’t oh god poor choice that’s not the way this is okay black marketer Bibles in Jesus apparently follow the arrow I know I know but I get the thing fish chuckles on fish I can however use on the dead body which bus is the dead body just completely cut out all over the place you can blame a lady who craves variety I believe right now I probably should not smash that actually I was gonna smash in take the forsake gets up and one day the gentleman stopped calling what gentleman why would he stop calling I can’t possibly imagine smash okay I made some research camera maybe I could manager invite I see that glowing yellow crap in there give it weight hi my friend you’ll find something wrong give me thank you suppose that crowns on the ceiling then juries okay Electric pass parachuting quits electric Indies well really just on his say-so okay I have one friend grenade left I’ll call the shrimp you’re wasting them what now the bodies go get me okay that was machine gun I thought there’s a third person here I can’t get the other stuff so I only have one of those I’m Amy I think seriously smashes hats well I guess I should go down in here or no nose I can’t get into this one not to use the talk nice this again I’d rather have to use telekinesis oh wait no search support hello we’re face how’s it going hope you’re doing well I don’t remember you I don’t like you you don’t know Bioshock oh crap Medical okay Nate refuses to remember him clock him first aid kits will go farther healing sickness and injury at a rate you’re sure to use a verse a kit okay don’t use a first-aid kit without your best friend medical expert okay great um Eve link our hackers delight I don’t know what’s this one again first aid kits also give you Eve or this one every time you hack something again little health and Eve I’ll live there I’m kind of wondering the same I know what it is it’s messed up lots and what oh it’s right there okay what I can come on there I speak properly come on home your language sir Stephani to go i’ll go to bed early maybe get some i like to slip away there’s a tiny festival last weekend it took away a lot sleep oh that’s no fun well I hope you feel better have a good night me too we’ll see you again soon bye bye alright how my first day I am very very much money period my last message which one let me uh every won’t let me look at the thing give me a sec okay there it is which one the electric plasmid last thing I see is electric plasmid yeah okay what ow what are you doing this stupid robot thing so the electric what I’m confused said electric Platinum Plus shooting stops effect so so don’t use the electricity and then shoot it yes if you use Plattsmouth then you shoot a target at South effect if you smash tag with wrench effect will continue okay so then use the electricity and smash them with a wrench a better way to deal with him okay rotate mothers buying buildings and fish futures he was cornering the market on Jim Thompson nucleotide sequences I’m sure is transforming before my eyes the range sheet is pulling away flying sniper tear what the other job I remember you he’ll for $16 waste a month well I got some family and now this flipping chips I shouldn’t have wasted my money grenades oh no sorry these are proximately never mind lovely is that is that still the same one hey ready no vows are you the one that took my baby no I didn’t take any babies it’s fun well this way their game volume so loud it’s still bit laughs okay one sec let me fix that strap it down is there come on no okay it’s that’s that doesn’t seem to be changing anything well that should be changing something stupid if I put it to there what does that do well that made it lower but barely change picture okay so let’s sweethearts for one where are you come on yeah huh or you hit 1,000 yes sir that’s awesome ready congratulations oh well in my face thank you I appreciate that a lot what else do I have mines I can make that a great idea what I’m supposed to do to kill it I’m so confused I don’t understand there’s something there get it can I get more grenades from this guy I post a video on 17 of the hitting awesome that’s really awesome what what was that video about I know it’s different mission can help you Big Daddy okay let’s go follow the mission in Sadek North Big Daddy for now Oh nice I could be very easy let’s go so here it is both 76 Naperville nice awesome what’s that that crap something right over there okay so I could just follow him so I am I saw one of these smugglers having a team of catching on the docks today and he surprised me because his hands were terrible during the war he was unloading the barge the other day when he was from Hey I don’t really know how whatever okay that’s this thing no more those barely anymore there we go now what do you mean I mean maybe maybe not tonight what what the hell I can’t I can’t move forward I owe frickin my fingers got stuck on the wrong keys I guess other than my case since because machine gun I can’t a lot just from table Frank’s right yeah Oh first possibly as much when she was just a menace but he always manages to be worth it evidence is is the most dangerous study provoked you did not see me at council the alarm oh that cost you didn’t tell me it cost twenty dollars game fan Sammy where are you I’m here okay I’ll get hacked freaking heck where is it this once all the way at the bottom all right fine do this what’s going on wrong so what I want okay that’s on there this like this and like this there we go what’s your favorite Bioshock I haven’t actually played any ever before my favorite is that I’m just going to say that forever the alarm so I have to that is not okay not fair rude I don’t like it what’s I know I’ve never played it never no I am NOT not again you get down what ugly don’t like you thank you okay wow this is happening here girl I know hey Frank Renee yeah never played before so I’m kind of kind of excited to be playing it now I was security measures I’m just screwing everything up with this aren’t I Worf masters office seriously you piece of crap I have no money so let’s go but Hampton is the best yeah that’s what another say it’ll be good to finally get to that point eventually get that stupid I have no money left now there okay that’s all right hi there I need one more of those things there you go take it what is hitting me and how well I’ve screwed everything up now crap should I just like restart back to a point where I didn’t screw everything up I have no money and I just wasted I just wasted a medkit as well great how long have I even been playing already it’s already been almost an hour and I’ve just screwed everything up new save yes please going on over there oh that’s the thing that keeps causing explosions give me give me where did you put the pistol give me the pistol what I like this part anyway this parts annoying like that what the heck why is this so hard for me I don’t understand it’s really not that difficult or shouldn’t be anyway but for some reason I’m finding it really difficult what are you doing I got my purse a kiss maybe now I’ll be able to get a little bit out of here okay ah there this one and this one there we go Oh how is your wife doing what do I think about it it’s good time it is really fun I do enjoy it this bit right here I find super annoying but it is a really fun game intentional ha ha quick save oh that’s actually a quick saver if that’s just creating a new safe okay now I can go inside here I already messed up that machine so yay okay machine gun machine gun every way yeah I don’t put that there that there that one there that there and back good okay surfing nothing no and what heat-seeking RPG is that what’s gonna help the with the Big Daddy I want a responsible action jump over all that I feel like way sometimes I look for cameras or searches okay yes that’s true I I forgot that for some reason what what are you trying to do don’t try and blow me up I hacked you you’re supposed to be on my team for some reason I forgot that she was pregnant somehow for a minute that machine-gun rounds don’t need it apparently okay good see interrogation room jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so little ones to him belong they are weak but he’s even milder camera there’s a camera okay so what what’s the spire slicer is not supposed to be this one here jesus loves me these Zack correct spider Spicer research in progress that was that one okay increased damage plus spider slicer splicers are vulnerable to anti-personnel rounds okay doesn’t know for the Bible tells me so be long weak but he is strong whatever fossils okay Howard leave them there I don’t know that hit Spicer oh it’s an action shot okay okay and grease damage okay so you guys can try see yes I did get the camera four months left that four months is either gonna go by very fast or very slow depending you see I just hope it’ll be good good for months until then you’re lonely I should paint a picture this house what is this guy I don’t know what it is let’s find out Oh another lead head slicer great okay huh what are you saying goodnight really quiet what this transcript to see oh I didn’t know how am I supposed to know I’m so excited even though it’s not my baby security bullseye oh are those pesky security cameras getting you down to the tanker I need with our photoelectric insects and those cameras and turds become your best friend oh yes please put in the telekinesis the security system that security box and turn on your enemy you think you can trick me yes of course stop here cowboy shoot first and ask no I’m sorry it’s not my fault more shotgun rounds apparently I can’t take any more for some reason oh come on what isn’t that ugly supposed to be on my side nothing absolutely hey look I have a bit of money again money okay so I’m eight frag grenades house itself amuse the same map come on there yeah I don’t kill the thing all right that’s the machine-gun rounds okay I have to I have to wait and come back around a quick come back round we rarely talk I know could be affected by that and the only other way you can mark me as sweet as I look we are chain chain can’t freakin fine I never use these or this I should say looks like it hey shut down power that’s that’s what I need a picture of this right I think is that no that’s another let head split I need my husband do you ruin those business has to see its effect and you’ve ruined it oh I didn’t know gene bank again I want to buy more buy more slots for things instead size that situation is fine let’s never use it how cameras and although I can change okay finally I see what okay sure hey yeah you have fun down here weird barrel thing is that another spider slicer hello please be a spider slicer that’s nothing let head it’s not what I need left spicing scroungers like having sixth sense you’ll spot things you’d otherwise miss to discover things you’d otherwise lay behind which ground are you’ll swear you have x-ray vision great that’s a wine you ruined it as well what was I supposed to do it with the wine scrounger no well searching containers or corpses you can search again to get different loot oh that’s that sounds like a good thing um hacker still I was that do hey already what did I ruin with the wine useful skill nice Susan push me up why you see that don’t you why just throwing me around so beard okay so useful skill so does that mean that Oh search again are weird okay have you met Houdini butcher the name of man I haven’t met him no I’ll be running the line again the poor wine doesn’t make any sense it like stops flowing out of one Paul this is infinite wine it’s an infinite wine barrel perfect someone’s gonna be happy about that okay good there’s a give it Arkadia Merlot drink Oh Frank yes please definitely drunk terrible thing Hey look I got more film good because I’m wasting it all the things I don’t need we’ve taken pictures out apparently any more pictures of spider slicers splicers how do you know if those ones look like okay so electricity there yes smack of our affair tiny wine barrel there is this just some of those swords okay I figured out this is gonna snow stiff o’clock this isn’t my phone Oh interesting good luck you better go prepare get yourself oops get yourself ready for that mr.Carswell so the wrong true that mr. coswell oh well this is not a very nice one I would appreciate not thank you Oh God like that juju okay there there there and there perfect okay remember to search again I am trying okay what it didn’t it didn’t let me search again balance on my phone I’m just lonely I’m lonely you think you could get away with this no worries about the spelling did it that killed it I shouldn’t have killed it oh hi can I know oh you’ve got to be kidding me welcome to club a butcher butchers turret which turns on corpses ass oh that’s some old woman I’m sorry can I take a picture of a dead body and it still counts as the thing for the quest mission whatever it is even our you are weak but he is strong oh there that’s the spiral slicer right splicer no that’s a lead head splicer haven’t notice if he starts again next to the safe geez oh I killed it I killed the turret what wait can I use a camera to take a picture of Big Daddy tell them goodbye tell them I’m done okay so actually need to take pictures a jumping one that can climb on the roof okay no I keep the game starts again there we go money hey Maximus how’s it going you like die if you have too much I should also be doing more of this with the saving you got the best weekend well that’s good stupid thing it’ll be very hard to get used to sometimes you know I need to drink everything yes I do I must smash them too sweet okay I’ll start smashing the mister I’m trying to build a proper financial market this idiot keeps going on about genetic modification our pretending to be home as soon as I can ah what the heck polic again likes on my friends huh wait what no I use money to insert what is the point why must I pay money for that first woman by the way weird I could do that twice I could do the search again twice on that so confuse this over by the way Christmas yeah just soaking all the way one guy like my marks for future video perfect great lovely I’m proud of this not really placer jumped away no no haha amazing what what’s amazing this oh good okay woe be unto you come on you stupid spider one is gone to again Oh a keypad so I read this and I bad thing like that I don’t know what it says so maybe every well hi anyway whoever’s on the bed uh I can’t read anyway there’s a hi yes some dragon II that correct terrible pronunciation when we arrest that Tariq Fontaine freeze they even and smugly make it clear that we won’t touch us business interests what is it I didn’t finish taking everything from it that I don’t understand I need more health kits now still confused says hello I’m Johnny how amazing this game humming I’m back f c/f to this one no one F one please let’s see here yeah like that that yeah it has to go down okay they’re confused they’re there me there and they’re perfect okay I think that search again will let you choose if you want to take what you see or want to risk and search again I’m still confused is all hung some of them like on the dead body in there I didn’t even use stupid I didn’t even press the search again I just and then see it search again just closes that one search again let’s find them some some of them didn’t finish taking it I didn’t press R it just didn’t finish taking what was there I just closed the thing instead probably nothing in here is gonna have anything these smugglers crates never have anything in them I don’t know why you’re able to search them so weird today I’m gonna lose everything that’s in the safe here stay for Christmas and time off work a little bit nice this game seemed so familiar isn’t what what what it isn’t what oh gosh oh great thanks wrong senior short-circuited yeah you don’t say don’t you go see it clicks everything what I’m so confused it doesn’t seem like that here to visit this comedy or a new pool oh hi okay you’re the one I need a picture of no no I have that thank you research progress picture the same one twice does that work oh my god it works okay sure that’s fine I’ll just keep doing that then days of school goes on 14 days off school earn fewer research – – laser organ gross what does that do for me where else am I supposed to go I haven’t gone you no longer exist stupid grenade boxes there’s no point ever being able to search them because there’s never anything in them smashed that has stuff in it what is that cigarettes anyway cash register Lucas barrows ah I love the barrels at moose juice let’s make more most shoes in this moose juice down there we go look at the moose juice appearing everywhere I love it pretty moose juice wait is this came from I don’t need a in this I can take more films how much do I have I have 2500 I think I need that goodbye and get out let’s do a quick save here then I guess one thing killed okay okay search yes right storage this but this is a time for leadership shouldn’t be taken against okay small price to pay for things wrong one no this one there okay no up there shoot there there no never mind that one that one this is true a bunch of those where’s the Spider Woman I need her so I can take picture please we treat you monster oh there you are okay take picture of every enemy even camera really I’ve tried to take a picture one of the one of the other things to fight isn’t I think Oh spider splicer organs can be used I forsake it’s gross okay well let’s take the second picture I guess okay excuse me open up please don’t worry about that Danielle that has nothing to do with it it’s something else going on instead okay has nothing to do with you I’m confused why oh my god okay it’s not what I want to be wasting coffee yes camera oh good is there camera I guess is a big part of this big big part of this game um guys stop that I see enough behave yourself this again okay film PEPFAR what else anything else now at that body can you take pictures of those will that help all right there’s a camera over here right you said take picture of camera okay increase and security cameras available to armor-piercing rounds electricity okay oops my bad ugly down I keep forgetting it bandages I think you can’t take those for later there’s not much I can do here and then Daniel it’s not just me it’s something else I was going on from before okay where’s the camera there does nothing take more pictures of something as long as it gives you points all right what well though shotgun shells are gone for good they no longer exist goodbye I guess of course there’s more enemies around there’s no subjective view well that’s just sad and unfortunate okay okay take picture of this ugly what is this this is a let head splicer yeah I probably shouldn’t have taken a picture like that hello how are you person thing another let head I’ve seen future videos that they exist turret in future video that is that the that the shotgun shells exist those shotgun shells are also sad turns are vulnerable to Harbor fishing grounds stop wasting bullets perfect turrets are friendly which is good I’ve already delivered this butter I’ve already got picture the Big Daddy there we go Rosie what is that supposed to be the big daddy thing Rosie’s are vulnerable to armor-piercing rounds wait is that that’s what that is now it’s time to kill daddy’s I think oh that gave hey I guess if I could go back and find a couple of the dead body dead bodies are the Rosie’s I may be able take pictures of those or whatever what else is it gonna be photographs about really no of course not this one okay frag grenades where did the ugly pure cocoa here did it go that way they killed myself doing it you’ve got to be kidding me okay this is one I’ve overtaken picked up I think okay maybe a distance 132 and no health and he attacks there’s some herbs rivet gun oh I can’t actually take that okay well maybe there’s no point attacking that one this is this one I need to get little sister okay that’s not who I thought I was take a picture ever well you see you ready thanks for being here though appreciate it hope you have a great rest of your day small increases to max health and Eve another little sister can I take another picture I can’t eight-second RPG actually I don’t think gonna need that one that feeling you killed Eddie and he had no low sister sad rockets okay okay rescue but are you really a friend to us yes a little one brings you a gift ten moments we reward you the reward will be inside a teddy bear at a gatherers garden any random the gatherers garden okay oh I’m ready for dream time mr.Bubbles mister we I’ve glued the waves from your look heard that you shall know boom take picture ate some let head Spicer can’t go further than I will hang you this is true my stupid rocket whatever it is I need an ear shop right here give me the shop purchase it has not been hat ok this one there over there over there that’s that seven of those things probably don’t you need to get more film but whatever okay okay let’s do a quick safe here interesting I use a drill to the best security BOTS and hey vulnerable to armor-piercing rounds and electricity okay I kind of expected as much nitro splicer oh that’s what that thing is I don’t like those ones I hate those ones very much let’s activate vulnerable – engine turns over more for Rosie but it didn’t really even do anything our pelo shouldn’t be wasting my film so much like this rude that’s hilarious that isn’t that what’s supposed to have a little sister as well or is that the one that was walking around up here they’re still too maybe over time not exactly what I was expecting on oh hi and yes those two sometimes I’ll just give me that last little tiny teeny bit come on oh come on really I need well if I don’t need to kill it then I’m not going to kill it I was not gonna give me anything wait what oh hello I should be killing it then first let’s do the little sister take picture there Oh okay you get more points if you’re closer okay let’s see if this little tiny bit will give me I don’t like it thank you thank you does have a have a sister do you get more points of you’re closer I’m gonna wait until I end up and back down I get better as I can blue thing I’m through I can just drop down I wanna die well then again – what’s that okay here let’s let’s just do a quick safe and possibly not sure okay I’m not sure I’m off liquors ava flashes blue Tector ooh there we go that give me more everyone has Asian and weakness but with photograph errs I too if they won’t stay hidden for long Oh static discharge sure greatly increases research scores from taking pictures that’s probably a good thing I hope that did not that was not greatly increase of nothing come on a little more okay uh-huh he’s not gonna let me get that Nestle bit oh is it it actually did whoohoo good okay so all increase in max health any good okay Oh need a vet some points into storage of your plasmids I know I’m going to really crazy person there’s Danielle so people call my Harley people interesting I don’t I don’t know if that’s very nice and fun for telling you that rescue there we go thank you thank you I hate this one stop wasting our on regular enemies oh that’s armored ammo sure what is the coffee do where’s this box don’t have anything in it anyway so what does it matter where is that to give it okay yes it is never anything in those upper Worf oh is this just another way to go around oh right okay french lurker everyone finding those stronger or faster than yourself you’ll need every advantage possible in the scrum wrench Luke allows you to make the most of your opportunities when the antagonist is caught off guard so this is just wrench jockey so quiets our footsteps and increases damage for melee attacks on unaware opponents found your first reward from Tenenbaum for saving little sister’s cool hypnotize Big Daddy hmm our new hypnotize plasmid will fool Big Daddy into protecting you as if you were its own though sister interesting oh and that’s just oh that goes in there okay well I’m gonna store that in the gym now how rude mr.Mullet picture there you go take picture ha ha are you jeez electrical stress on there okay so you take a picture of every enemy three times point leo okay when the water will came out that snappy snappy spider slicer at splicer organ okay gene upgrades yes plasmid slot please yes sector plasmid to place new unlocked slot and soon rate probably I don’t know hello we’ve already seen this go away another plasmid slot great what’s the next one Big Daddy one sure place inside we’ve seen that okay health upgrade yes please Eve upgrade uh-huh winter blast freeze your folks in place shadow them into a thousand pieces what’s not to like woohoo there’s that thing is that machine buster thing download it so so download what’s that mean increased energy these are cameras pots and pans well this is it no okay fine whatever starring gene bank now now it’s gonna bother me that there’s like minus one instead for some reason she’s back of the glass of course sonic boom when just yelling get back as I’m working it’s nice to have some repelling force to back up your request sonic boom when push comes to shove sure let’s put that in there knock boughs back with hurricane 4 laughs if they bounce off the wall oh okay I thought there’s gonna be more to say and then winter blast WTF what what what WTF freeze your enemies shatter them into a thousand pieces I don’t know what that means what does the downloaded thing mean I cost only one dime is sitting at 38 instead of 40 that’s not from original game what it’s not okay so this that this power I shouldn’t have thing cuz it’s not from the original game remember well yank you out there look at that puzzle only I kind of in files I’m confused I haven’t done anything to it I haven’t done anything so I’m very confused at why I would have it then I thought having it mean that it exists the moma thwa not winter blast oh okay weird I don’t know the wharf rat didn’t give himself that you got acting from bu mine I’m not doing anything all I did was twist download what you gave me your installment you gave me coffee the drm-free thing that’s all I did I didn’t do anything else I can’t use that okay so how how right you know what here let’s just do this uh-huh now I can pick that up hi search again nothing because I play this game back in 2008 what what does that have to do with anything else okay zip not possible to buy more of these slots – what’s this focus heck Oh another one of those that’s everything who’s this one now that haha focus hacker another favor in the hack smart lion of jean x focused hacker diffuses overload traps in secure systems fear fried circuits guarantee they’re in my tab – I don’t care no story it’s answering to the question I don’t know oh one five last four four four one ice and you’ll have a lot – deep freeze I was expecting that to like freeze the water or something – so so then are you are you telling me that you did this you put the things in here that shouldn’t be in here sends weapons fine whatever let’s do that let’s send the weapons I’m gonna have to change my jet chant change what my um singer is customized controls I think one sec yeah customized keys okay what’s this one come on no equipment – miscellaneous quicksave is not gonna be able to be the f5 anymore it’ll have to be the f8 otherwise I’m gonna end up pressing f5 and so switching to whatever the one the people on humble o2k gave them up to a version Oh interesting yeah there’s a very old game I am I know no weapons but my wrench okay you know how much damage I can do with this round right there was literally no use in actually doing that thing I could do so I did what is it this is your plasmid skill track oh god what is this me I’m ah I can’t see anything the devil says swore thing mr.Fontaine buy a whole zoo a spot for him promised Fontaine was dust and now who you are doing his dirty I guess it makes Ryan a bum and you won like this packet Oh it’s hard to my god hey mr. Joker how are you doing no this is early I hope you have a nice Christmas a new year and everyone else has got a game PC today oh that’s awesome that’s awesome what what what graphics card you got in it I like the graphics Harris I’m curious this is so confusing well not abusers it’s difficult okay I’m complaining because it’s difficult I don’t like it thanks Obama is still going okay Lisa pack this okay like that and like that video graphics crabs live I’m one of the one of the 20 80s or something use electricity Hector and camera not that this I go find the two Green Bay do I even need to I could use a box shut down Tony a something playing office thing that’s awesome way too much for any of us that’s really solo know who you are doing is dirty I guess Mia what am I actus he was ours that works okay here to use this card instead two hours now to get over here you stupid cowards his light shining even down here in the murk need some favors just start taking pictures of some of these guys okay sure myself how to frame yeah poop on you I’ll show you out of the frame boom thank you very much give me more come on you’re late one more actually probably gonna be two more isn’t it no nevermind it’s fine uh-huh you find twice the ammunition on destroy turrets there you go hate something okay start the hack no this is not like that there okay good you like fries it I guess I could is there any point in it though okay probably no fun going in there take this oh my god first time there was actually a thing inside that night just by saying maybe maybe I should have to take pictures oh come on gives me hardly anything start to the photo not taken oh never use how to hack on such easy things unless it’s also hard to hack in design mercy age hurry oh there’s another well let’s dive right in there dum-dum oh come on give me one more thank you what do I get stack just starts to yeah I don’t need it right now so toxic penny oh I could do huh excuse me I see I feel a little bit faster and I was before Oh monies well maybe I should go burn all the other bits a fire around just in case they’re all hiding money underneath okay yes I went in the right side a good way so here some of those are laughing calm down why are there people stuck in these freezers by the way soon you’ll find one one special one you sitting so I should not waste it then you should I should use it only if I need it right maybe we’ll see what’s in here in the neck next time weapon upgrade station hmm oh is that the thing is that the one use thing I don’t want to waste it there’s no point Oh God okay well can you not thank you Scott wait I think I don’t know why I did a quick save I should do an actual proper safe yep that’s it oh no I don’t know what to use it on then save save I’m here probably yes okay stretch a little bit I’m gonna end this one for now mm-hmm thank you ever so much for watching hope you all enjoyed I’m sorry for getting frustrated with the thing I just have got some toast I’m still enjoying it I’m still having fun I’m just terrible at the game is also restoring 16 items can you not do that please Shaw start up no we don’t need to know vacations several days about sorry that’s I don’t want that automatically doing stuff there’s not how about that bye hey see you t Lisa sorry about that um my blue ee-ee-ee-ee job that I that one I’m blue I’m in need of a dime I’m in need of a dime I’m in need of a dime anyone got a dime 10 cents all right yeah that says I guess I I have to – so don’t worry that’s a see you all have a wonderful rest every day I’ll be streaming again tomorrow probably probably some more 60 parsecs I’ll be finishing that there’s got Barbie world out of my head oh good have a great day see you tomorrow stream yep tomorrow will be be sixty parsecs then maybe Thursday I’ll do more Bioshock again but Ted that’s it see you all have a wonderful day bye bye Godbless see you soon oh I didn’t go to the right proper whatever it doesn’t matter I guess beautiful thumbnails Neptune bye


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