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Old Hippies what a great generation! Aged but educated by lives of good times and cheap thrills while working, striving and conniving to keep up with an never ending inflationary pile of bills. Rolling, ceaselessly, from an infant’s crib to the elderly’s crypt, with no guarantee when men, or our maker, will put an end to it. I like motorcycles and a long endless highway stretching onto an endlessly new byway. Roads going where I’ve never been before taking me eventually to tantalizing new doors. Da-Doo-Dah-Man say “Keep on Truckin.” Many thanks The Grateful Dead stuck in. Jamming lyrics and sound tracks one does not dare copy. Not as a profession, pass time or even a miserable hoby. I’d rather leave my writing original while the rest is stollen. Whether it is just fun or a pass time that rhythm has befallen. The poet and poetry are miserable tries at best. Go along reading however and be my guest. And once you are an addict and fallen in.Enjoy the addiction I don’t know where to begin. Road trip to Colorado, wouldn’t you guess, I’m a Dodge owner? Rat Fink, innovation of Ed (Big Daddy) Roth, cartoonist, loner, Illustrator, custom car designer, builder from the nineteen sixties is iconic as the rock and roll roadster artist and builder of these. Wild car, motorcycle and mechanical art as well as producer of working prototypes of his drawings were popular in the nineteen fifties. Take a trip. The scary icon was a highway thriller. Innovation of mayhem, some wanton roadway killer. Bey say, “Be lemonade for all ya. Honey Child’s chillin even these chillins chillin!” They be here till ends of the very earth and universe what’s with our maker willin. Fifty cents for a phone call? Of course you may use the phone, miss sassy pants.We will throw just one huge party, all us take our shirts off an everyone dance. Now don’t be thinking things would be getting a little bit out of hand. Be so many people footing the place’ll be nowhere to stand. Crank the sound up. Bring the band! As if you got enough on your mind, wake up and find it is 1969? “Guess what, it is a mine,” Mr. Natural said. “Booty tap or booby-trap both kill you dead!” Going for a walk with America’s Bouncing Betty or the PMK 40 Soviet toe popper? You best be in tracks of some solid armor. A sixty ton M-60 tank would be proper. Landmines were a leading cause of American casualties. In 1965, half the US Marine Corps deaths were that casualty. That is they were caused by mines and traps. Our own kind perhaps. Hang in Murphy. Locked this deep, he may never get out! The secret to taking off on a wave this steep is getting to you feet about. Very fast or you’ll never last. Surfing is a sport where you spend a long time looking for a groove then grabbing it with the right timing to prolong.Too soon, never catch a wave. Too late, pounded into the sea floor. But for the thrill of the perfect ride of your life one couldn’t ask for more. It is locked in your memory with all the good times you have in store. In a fix? Reach into your bag of tricks. You can do anything as a protector. Remember Felix The Cat, Rock Bottom, Poindexter and The Professor? That freaky, strange yellow magic bag of tricks could change into objects anything, anyone who possessed it wished. Certainly wouldn’t want it to fall into hands of maniacs loose on the Department of Homeland Security most wanted list! There are deranged minds in any country on the planet who could and would make many kinds of devious weapons out of it. Nothing destroys brain cells like good alcohol. Bottoms up Flakey, in that way his life just gets flakier with booze and drinking every day! Whatever, put your best Foont forwards, then just keep truckin.You will be in the rotten rut day in and out, whatever you’re stuck in.Turn on tune in and drop out is get drunk dance in and follow the leader. Whoever it is enough grog you’ll be in his footsteps like a true believer. Plodding in the tracks of failures before you till the blunder’s completer. To sum Monday in a short phrase. Goody gumdrops people make me sick! Somehow my maker put me on this planet to tolerate other beings who are skeptic. Maybe I won’t show up to work at all and leave the ass kissing to my fellow workers. Manual labor is hard and requires mental skills to climb above the other earners. It isn’t that I don’t want to help my fellow men what they do for me and what I do for them. When ignored and treated lower, even than dirt. I just want to return that respect, again. Whiteman can’t come out in play today cause he got the shit remember if you got it don’t give it.For God’s sake who did it come from? I caught it never give it to no one. You all got it too? Sure as heaven above and hell below it came from nasty old you. Don’t be picking up bad habits hanging round them dirty white boys or from foreplay kids you know in some school day romance it had destroyed. It can be lethal overseas you might not be going home stay right where you is till it kills you homes. That is it get your asses trucking dudes. And talk about a long strange road it has been from the beginning to end starting with fluoridation in schools of every American. Commander Jack Ripper was right when he was talking to, British officer, Captain Lionel Mandrake.Russians are after our precious bodily fluids and it’s why he has denied them to women all his life with absolutely no mistake. You see once Russians control all of our vital bodily fluids with fluoridation it’s an end of the American race. Keep keeping on. Believing you are never alone, trucking bravely and eternally, into the vast, unknown! When did it begin and where will this all end? Best keep going rather than to start over again. What can you trust, on whom do you depend. What should you protect, who do you defend? The future is happening now, don’t wait for it to begin. Get up, go out and make a name for yourself so you might be well remembered. It may be the only afterlife there is so keep it cool, calm and evenly tempered.Seeking a genius to solve your problems? Look no further! Wile E. Coyote. Will travel to make things work for you, cunningly, of course for a fee. Willing work any town depending what you want to catch or try to shoot down. He’s spent a lifetime in pursuit of one clever, object. A blue and white clown. Feathered flyer faster than any slow moving stunt character found. So catch him if you can, done such wonderful things in pictures. Even working as a toon he’s one to correct hard to fix fixtures. Then keep pointing your finger to see why they and them turn to point at me. When I point at you for starting it too. What goes around comes around. In everything you’ve caused to abound. Reap what you sow in all of what you sing. Do not try to melt it down and make a ring. It isn’t really a kind of a material thing.Try pecking orders of birds in their trees. Love spreads lovingly, hate is opposite these. One wouldn’t exist without the other seems. Life isn’t black and white but solely between. What about it chicks? Karma’s a lonely rooster man. Hear me out there ladies? I am sure you can? I hope your life’s amounted to more than just killing time and strutting your stuff. Mine hasn’t but like they say, “You can’t take it with you, so that is just tough!” Bird got his main spring wound up way to tight last night. Must been from eating all the Halloween candy, right? All my life, he has been going around and coming around.And I am afraid it is the way it will be till I’m in the ground. Looking for a painter? Pay me by the hour then. I’ll get it done right away, I promise men! Flakey Foont the creation of anti-establishment artist Ron Crumb. Hard working writer made a good statement for a pot smoking bum. Oh well what’s the difference between between artist and thief? It is that long sought knowledge that was destroyed called belief. Our modern calendar based on the death of Jesus now count it forward. Only had to die one time. To all the rest of us living today are his reward. Deoxyribonucleic Acid is a self-replicating material present in nearly all living organisms as main constituent of chromosomes. It is the carrier of genetic information. The fundamental and distinctive characteristics or qualities someone or something owns. Especially when regarded as unchangeable, it undergoes mutation primarily due to naturally produced radiation composed of two chains that coil around each other to form a double helix carrying genetic instructions used in growth reproduction. Close the door you’re letting out the next generation.This is a story of growth, maturing and education. Son name Dave. He’s entering the adult world learning how to behave. At some things he’s fast and others a little slow? But you know, what does his father know? Have mercy, not much or not a darn thing. So how far into life have you a child to bring? Oh that’s right, they’re left out in the woods to be raised by wolves. Not that extreme but in today’s complex society that’s what it involves. No one likes standing still too long, losing their heads, particularly either. Depth and motion make watching interesting, to a attentive leader. Since Vincent went that far, looking attentively at it, from wherever you are standing. I thought I’d Van Gogh a little further with it, in a form of more literal understanding. One’s got to take into account the time he lived in and the reasons for doing what he did.For materials available, time in history, working with canvas, painting became unhid. How many dirty words are there, spelled with more than four letters in the English Language? Got to put on the thinking cap for it bettors. Think Karbunkle, think! They are all ionic with our times. We are just plain lazy when it comes to matching rhymes. Play to win. That’s the game when spy versus spy. Because black or white you’re surely going to try. To win, think of all the neat things you could buy. Help someone, a good turn deserves another. Pick any family member, mom, sister or brother. Sorry I forgot to puff and pass. Hey, this thing ain’t going to smoke itself. A lonely feeling people. Just me and this weed! No one to keep me company except Budweiser and Jack Daniels that’s legal. Drop in on me from time to time. It’s a low-down, rotten shame ladies. Feel solitary as I can be. Life is mostly a party but you know sometimes it’s one big fight and just you, him, them or me? So what’s it going to be? Sit and stair lonely out a window wondering what in the world I’m going to see? He had a reputation of keeping to himself.Regular weed yes pass it round to all your buddies. Righteous stuff however is best kept private, until you’re looking for a sharp babe or studies. Someone else, special, to share it with is what smoking pot is about. No, of course we never miss it until we have completely run out. Always remember that those buds are your buddies and don’t keep them to yourself. Fire up the old bong and pass it around in a broad encompassing circle returning in oneself. You found some money on the street, which unfortunately flew out the taxi window. You married an up and coming Hollywood star who went broke and left you a widow. Hooked what seemed to be a huge Marlin, turns out it was nothing but a minnow. How often are we lucky at the wrong time? The feeling is good luck can’t be put to use unless it’s at the right time. Every day is yuk, a new day.It is better to be lucky but I would rather be exact. Then when luck comes you are ready, everything is intact. Quit now before you start. What if information could be transported instantaneously? I don’t know about people but perhaps code could be sent to Mars and back without waiting eagerly. Waiting on radio waves, which take several minutes. Morse Code could seem level. Assembling and disassembling matter one atom at a time, sounds like vastly more peril. “Trying is the first step toward failure.” There is no point attempting it! What kind of signals? Entangled particles, from earth to mars might fit. Look around, to find, your flock is flying blind and say to yourself, “It’s fine.I will close my eyes too, the others will not mind. Only fear, I’ll get behind.” I’ve always found the flocking habits of birds to he interesting. There’s strength in numbers of course and followers preventing. Abandonment of course and being left behind and helplessly all alone. I say to them heading south, good luck to you. I’m staying home. Let’s follow the leader then, I’d be braving it out, facing the unknown.Catch it if you can. Honestly this is where rabbit crap hits the fan though. How far down the hole did it go? Not even a bird of prey would know. Is it sitting on your desk or did it come out the other end. There is no place to end and no where that for it to begin! Tunneling through time is like another, or fifth, dimension. Since we seem to be stuck on level four I should mention. Nothing goes anyplace until it ends a lifespan and dies. Otherwise we are contradictions of past and present lies. I’m on again, off again with my art. Got to get my head out of the bright electron clouds and center more on originality and a nucleus of thought.I’m lost in the crowds. More than anything rational, tangible or having to do with the material world seems. Only a lonely artist, so deep, with his psyche dependent on lucid dream. I’ll continue on, destination unknown, end unseen until my hunger and thirst bite me. Then people awaken to look about at where and who they are. Eyes opened again we see. Spent all the livelong day and half last doo dah night. Sitting in the same chair thinking of something to write. We’re at The Infinity Hotel and are looking for the last room down an endless hall. Always a spacious bed for one more lodger. The concept’s a continuum, that is all. If first we can manage to redeploy all of the rest. There is still another room for one more guest. They never run out of suites in this imaginary facility. Concepts of infinity deal in a person’s understanding ability. Such a friendly neighborhood. Ask Mister Rogers.Come in to see us anytime. It’s unfortunate what time does to us. My mother, June, died, no crime, in 1996, leukemia. Sorry, it was just heredity girls, unfortunately no one lives forever. If it’s ill will, I most certainly wish it on no one. Good news only. She had five kids, clever, and I was her second. Now I’ve known a lot of women, not all of them classy type. But yes, mom was one most people liked. The well adjusted housewife with no gripe. There are, to date, two Doctors in the family, Jack and Thomas Kemmerly. Jack, my father, on the right, died in 1998 from lymphoma. My parents died from cancer, in their seventies. Thomas, my nephew, quite, is alive and well last I heard. Hope I’m not the next to go. We are, of course, all of us, looking for the cure! Man’s mortality, of course, is determined largely by his maker.Fight at we may that inevitability is sure. Do not lay down to die thinking it the end. Life goes on, that I assure. Think I will go study for my blood test. Now that I’m over sixty five I get it checked regularly. Thank you modern medicine, antibiotics thrive. Blood pressure medication, we’ll be pulling into the pulmonary artery shortly, after destroying a few blood clots, full speed ahead, heartily! Medical profession’s getting old only doctor in town hangs out at the saloon.Police were going to arrest him for malpractice. They’ll be here soon. Don’t go there. Look for another line of work. Avoid the wound. Since I’ve broken the laws of physics, I expect they’ll come arrest me. It was worth it! I just wanted to stretch out on the Autobahn see and find what I can actually do, top end. I’m closer to Las Vegas than Frankfurt, now they told me not to do it any more, “C is clearly a posted limit blanket All over!” It’s a terrible conundrum. That no matter how much energy I expend I’ll never get there. The universe is expanded that way. Might as well sit next to a big black hole and stay, going nowhere. When your entire life passes by you in only twenty five seconds.It’s scary I know. Thought I’d died and gone someplace. But no it’s still my living room and those are still my dirty socks sitting in the corner over there. Really some of these people aren’t alive any more. If you see your picture or someone you used to know legal leave a comment or tell me what’s happened since the last time I saw them or you? Years fly by life flickers of film. Each frame reminding us we may not meet again too. Look at the clock. Alas no one appreciates a sensitive, creative and enlightened poet. Our minds work inside out don’t you know it. And once we go to all the trouble, so what? A living organism is not that simple. You can’t put our brains back together then resow it. Quarter to twelve, a third past three, they’re all quite the same. Fourteen or fifteen billion years, no different to me. That’s as far as I’d go the age of our visible universe. See my timing’s accurate as any, to a certain degree.They are here. Today the proof that flying saucers really exist! I don’t think that anything could be more convincing than this. I’m taking the other half of my Norco tomorrow dear folks and finish it. My walk in a forest. Stay off them opioid pain medications, I’d submit or you’ll wind up lost, like this poor fellow in the yellow shirt I photographed with my cell phone camera today! This could be a UFO’s.I notice that. I think it’s a photographers trick. If you’d like I’ll have it autographed. Well unbelievers, again, conclusive proof that we’re being genetically engineered by space aliens. Every minute DNA is being taken from the human race. They’re splicing it into ridicules cartoons in order to entertain children all over the galaxy, even without the parents permission. Go to my YouTube site, a classic example of what monkeys and typewriters have finally accomplished given enough time. Every primate who’s ever messed with a tool, or the Internet, knows it, even some people by fate! Marvin The Martian has landed. He may have had a stow away. And watch out, he’s packing! I’d start running right now anyway. Get Bugs Bunny. That thing has definitely fallen into the wrong hands. First he was going to blow up Earth because it blocked the views of his Venus scans. And as if that weren’t enough, now he’s going to sterilize the entire planet of all its inhabitants! I’d warn people that little green men, like him, can not be trusted.He is thinking people are earth’s contaminants! There is the rest of your life you see. So don’t be in such a hurry. Let it go down slowly, dose of poetry, poison mind with worry. But we all, of course, must go to our own postmortems sometime. And this way, you shall become so involved in saints, it seems so kind. Life involves suffering and suffering comes through egotistic desire. If you’re really up to this, and none of us ever are, go on, do nothing, retire! We all have reasons to take an easy way out.To some it’s downers, others a wire. Choose life over death not knowing the rest. That is faith. Look for truth in both science and religion. It’s never too late. What’s the difference between want and need? Who deserves it, provides it and what is family? Choose life over death, not knowing where you’re headed. Faith isn’t proof. Proof is only end faith, in a method. Whatever you choose I prefer to lean toward knowledge. Broad and well founded, no matter to who you pay homage. Savior or save your life requires doctors and college. More UFO footage, from the year 2017. It is clear that Marvin the Martian intends to interbreed with earth beings in order to produce K-9 pups, a bargain, liked by children, back on Mars.They’ll make a mix, of scruffy hybrid mongrels according to the spaceman. Marvin and his dog, are about to start the combination struggles! Diabolical as it sounds I don’t think people and that martian mut would allow the deed. She’s enticing to a human male. It just doesn’t seem like they’d successfully breed. Not pretty or nice? Freedom is not free, peace can have a heavy price! Count the cost of freedom. Many people before you’ve paid for that right. It’s not about money, it’s about people and the right to their very life. Every time you’ve prayed for it sit! Remember those who have paid for it. Comes to riches and getting rid of ones you don’t like, no limits how low some people will go to tend that vice. Play it smart and keep up with others low down. Say you have a better system? Pass it around. Witness the usual carnage in and around poor, doddering, old Granny’s nice House.Claude Cat, “You unbalanced dogs are getting on my nerves!” Butch the Bulldog louse, “That crazy yellow cat bothering you again son?” Frisky Pup, “No he even caught a couple mice today, maybe we should keep him.” Tweety Bird, “Bad Puddy Tat, taking all Gwanny’s medicine in middle of the day! Butch the Bulldog, “You guys are going to listen to me. I’m the baddest toon around, living here take orders from me anyway. Cannabis crime and cannabis cure make up our minds the government isn’t sure. Tax a living out ot it even if it don’t get us high. First research what they let people buy. Live long and prosper is a hit. Live long only suffer just don’t get it.Extending life means doctors telling us it’s right, that’s not to say most of us’d do it anyway despite. We are made of chemicals and that’s one too many different kinds, like animals in a zoo. Eternal life’s a pleasant parable. But only if it’s bearable. Commandment ten, of desire, be careful what you ask for and revel. Money, recognition, sex, narcotics, mansions and revenge, go to the devil. Because things of that eccentric kind of nature are more on his level.Don’t seek praise or sympathy. Look for compassion and understanding. Once you have achieved them all that is good for you, notwithstanding, as well as to others, will be forthcoming. I feel our maker to be less than concerned over our wants. He’s already provided most the needs he can. The Good Book in short sentences? Who ever has all the gold makes the rule, true? No, not it exactly. Study hard and do to others as you would have them do to you. Sorry, too lazy to read it and I already saw the movie. It’s hard to summarize briefly.So take it down two notches where a six year old or adult understands it completely and a seven year old might practice it. This puts law and commandments at the simplest level, though perhaps, too simple, as it’s easier to understand than peddle. DNA is made up of molecules called nucleotides. Each nucleotide contains a phosphate group, sugar group and a nitrogen base, teach. The four types of nitrogen bases are adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine base. To fit inside cells, DNA is coiled tightly to form structures we call the chromosome place. a threadlike structure of nucleic acids and protein found in the nucleus of most living cells, trace. Carry genetic information a unit of heredity transferred from a parent to offspring retrace. Why is it sometimes so hard to get going in the morning when you’re just complacent? I’ll catch up with you but it may take a while.Only need my pep pill so please be patient. I’d better hurry to work and get to the break room before all the doughnuts are gone. Whiz through work like it’s another day where I don’t have a lot to say and yawn. Hope the boss is hiding in his office and not standing around watching us long. You know I only show up so I can maintain that lifestyle I’m accustomed on. Bugs me when people see what’s climbed inside your mind. So here it is ladies, shouldn’t be too hard to find. I’d go out on a limb to defend any of them. But remember what you’re looking at. Because, it happens to be mine. My concern is that they’ve stolen genetics that Contribute the gene pools of people I may not like. Whatever, we are all a species modern humans. And share much of the same DNA as such.When it comes to an argument over us or them the only thing it will do is lead us to ruins. There seems to be massive trouble from outer space. Human abduction inevitable, in and around this place! The one eyed monster from Venus no doubt. Chasing girls in back of a train. It looks like an eternal circle. Passing by the same scenery, repetitively, in vain. So scary as it looks, those tentacles and things, seem to go around in a circle.One big blinking red eye. Going constantly on and off changing from red to purple. There has to be an end to this never ending track, nothing’s eternal! Stay young fresh forever, no one wants to become old, senile and wrinkled. Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats are intermingled. Planned parenthood is a good thing. Genetic modification could make your planning more commingled! Don’t be irresponsible. That bottom drawer of your refrigerator should be coupled.And should never be left open to children. They may become old, cold and crumpled, like their parents. Check with doctors and don’t leave them unattended and pummeled. Does any one? Those who never give never get them mam! A fine flying flock? It is the American Civil War or Vietnam? Yes, a lot of people gave them, their lives to be exact. Two hundred and fifteen thousand men died in that war. Of thirty one million people who populated America then. Five percent, of the United States population, died. Vietnam, fifty eight thousand casualties, American population in 1965 was one hundred, bless, ninety five million people. Perhaps a third of one percent or less. You could have, at least, taken her home to meet her parents first, dear boy! You do not have to die to find out.But there are some things you will not find out, joy, unless you die. Sorry Prince you had a good run, the show should have kept going. Did a lot of very good exhibits, flamboyant as hell. If you have it flaunt it. Showing not all actors are completely happy or satisfied inevitably pay in some way. Perhaps it is mistreatment one experiences in adolescence one feels then must display. The harmony of ebony and ivory are uniquely beautiful. Seemingly, eternally split and somehow infinite, parts of a gallery. No one, in particular, to whom I’d send it. White shines as light on the right but exists relative, only to all that is left, the invisible black night, and is why dark matters. Truth is often in a shade of gray though in some cases plainly it’s black or white, easy to untie. Like positive and negative forces repel and attract that’s the way energy acts A fact do not deny.Watch out for Marvin, he is one, green, little, pissed off highly imaginative Martian! There’s only one person on the whole rust covered planet, with the first name Marvin. That small, diabolical mind set is ready to perform any task it would take to improve vision from Mars of planet Venus he’d eliminate all of us by mistake. Some people call it that, others a caused misunderstanding. Assuming what lie some are panhandling. Be ever on alert for that suspicious, small, green species that is why. From size of our visible universe down to a tiny atom, packed into less than a five megabit file of fast action. Orders of magnitude are very outstanding when put into context, for us to doat on. The size of our visible universe, 13.7 billion light years across, down to a neutron. Think of a thousandth the weight of a penny and a huge tanker ship weighing half. a billion tons. The mass of a photon compared to a missive boson graph.It gets to a point that scientific notation only makes us laugh. I will stick with my old job. Late nights at the museum do not particularly drag on me. I just was not making it with my artwork during the daytime, anyway, I agree. And the library is always too busy to do my drawings. I tried selling soap once, not! I was not very good at it. So do not try waking me up, unless you are asking to be shot. Just put them donuts over on my desk, leave quietly, no craze. Ones with sprinkles are all right. I would prefer glazed. Same as my poor eyes, most these days. Smell this, Star Trek antimatter that’s real, ka-boom! This formula predicts it, recently it was proven and even been produced! (antihydrogen atoms). Shit, they cost sixty trillion dollars a gram (last a hundred and seventy-two nanoseconds). What a jip! You could run through several countries bank accounts in no time at all I recons. Spraying that stuff under your arms would bankrupt half the nations on earth! And all that, to get out of tipping the doorman at the most expensive hotel in Perth? Who needs it not everyone? Take a shot of Cannabidiol.Not to be confused with Tetrahydrocannabinol the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that’s gonna be Marinol. Welcome to Tender Health Care. With THC, regain your health! It might cure cancer? Don’t ask me, I don’t have terminal melanoma. I am a mental patient who takes Prozac, to avert road rage. May even get you to lay off booze, goes back, something mankind’s refused for thousands of years! Tried prohibition until people died over beers. Much as I worked at it, try standing on a big soap box with some old sales pitch. I just wasn’t any good at selling soap.A sorry story, I was starving life’s a bitch. Keep on trucking nonetheless. Eventually it will get you where you are going. Do a little dance, make a little love. Get down tonight. See all you got’s showing. Then sing if you can. It will get everyone’s attention. Get on your feet and stand. Wail at the top of your lungs. With anything worthwhile to say your sayings are grand. I’m better at toothpaste. I’m moving with my ad campaign for Flounder Magazine. Soap, a major failure. Couldn’t sell a single box of it. Perhaps I would do better with Vaseline or gasoline. White, whiter or whitest the grand competition is to get teeth to actually gleam and then even to sparkle! Once they sparkle the world will flock to your doorstep.Every relationship will be patriarchal. Selling takes skill. Intellect, sex appeal and just plain stupid. Make it stand out even what you gargle. Tell others about your ancestors! What they said, American Civil War, never heard it! Just twelve thousand years of human evolution is written in history. Those parts seem to fit. Everything else, another three million years is fossil record. Both require skill to read. Though to most of us, only the written parts seem relevant. The rest is fossilized stone, guaranteed. Who or what you may be descended from is traceable, not more than a few thousand years, in writing.No citing what did precede. Boy, are they white! My relentless ad campaign continues in memory of Prince. And White Boy is a must for your teeth to be their whitest so always use it since. Go out and buy a case, give some to your friends. Tell em you work for me. With the multi talents I have to spread around, who knows, it might even be! Let’s see, the most perfect teeth on earth.That would be Bucky Beaver from the 1950’s. Best era known. Urbanization spreading like wildfire, middle class scattered far as eyes could see. You are under my telepathic powers. You’ll go to the pharmacy for dramamine and buy White Boy Toothpaste. Also Pick up a copy of Flounder Magazine. Buy two tubes. You may run out. Leave the store, you will completely forget that I told you to do this. Go home and brush your teeth. Await further instructions then be set.Take a shower and wash your brain with shampoo then let your cream rense set for an hour. My subliminal suggestion to buy White Boy toothpaste will have rinsed off in the shower. Who would not believe him if he told you his toothpaste is stronger with ease? Fired from Ipana, for checking out beaver shots from female employees during work hours, Bucky changed his name to Whitley and is now working, at least temporarily, for White Boy Toothpaste where he claims, smirking, to have reformed from the very immoral and disgraceful habits of staring up ladies dresses.But you know when ladies are just giving out free shots, and they are not for flue, who can take these stresses? Permeating a field of grass, electromagnetism, room of people or hierarchical, space-time is a Higgs Boson. It is such a WIMP (Weakly Interacting Massive Particle) and yet it limits us and our universe? The mass region around 125 billion electron-volts creates the particle whereas, by definition a volt is the amount of energy gained by the charge of a single electron article moved across an electric potential difference of one volt. difference in electric potential, even that entity is partible. There is much beauty having nothing to do with good looks. Look in a book, forsaker. See how the elements of our universe cook. Same game as testing your maker, you will not outsmart the force of nature. Unless of course, you use the Large Hadron Collider, and a lot of magnetic force. So how many angels can dance on the head of a pin to the same melody? That the visible universe, in which we exist emerged from a singularity, seems likely by our understanding of cosmology involving singularities.For time being, at least, she decided to live with the memories of her husband, and banish forever from her mind the effects imposed on their live’s hub and by the detrimental Tile of the Summer Sun. Everyone has to be rich, will a bogus sum. To get the powerball thing rolling and this strange trail of mahjong fortune begun. One would have to read the entire book by David Thomas Kemmerly. It may or not be fun. You see it is the influence of the United States Army that’s made me this kind of bum. Everyone dies eventually. How many died during 20’s prohibition era, for what? In battles over booze? How many die a day to score an ounce of pure pot? I don’t choose to die from it or for it.I’d rather live with it only make my own choice. Relaxing, me and the wife. I’d really simply prefer to go on living and I don’t think smoking anything is the answer to prolonging life. Mixed with honey is a much better form of ingestion. The rush isn’t quite as strong but helps you through painful strife. “I think what you need right now is some kind of diversion, Stan, concentration!” indicated Mister Hurst. “Have you ever attempted painting, some type of meditation or prayer as a form of relaxing? I think it could help you in a way that is good.I am advising you that it has come to a point where your health could cost everything you worked all your life to accomplish. You need to slow down and sort things out. Try not to demolish a mission which is very important and requires a little polish.” Paranoid schizophrenia, you are not being watched. You only think something’s kooky. Looking at you, it’s all in your mind. Pretend nothing is there, nothing spooky! Things from outer space spying on the human race. Forget about it. It’s a dream.You’ve been leaning too hard on downers pal. Sleeping past noon it’s just extreme! So while God’s watching I don’t think you’re being singled out as part of a scheme. The Almighty’s all there is and we’re a minuscule part of that far as anything’s seen. Fudd, looks like we’re surrounded. Elmer never gives up, always gets his rabbit! At least now I know it’s rabbit season. not the duck or David season habit. I wish Elmer would go back to farming and give up hunting all together.I could really use some peace and quiet of any kind or another. Gawd, every fifteen minutes another shotgun blast. Elmer’s out hunting for rabbits or that black duck. I wish he’d just kill both of em off, serve em for supper with carrots, potatoes and save us all a buck. I be seeking new crew to run me old ship. So drink your rum mates enjoy every sip. Then it’s out to sea and seek my treasure. So help me crew! What’s your pleasure? Don’t forget you’re the fools who signed on. Your souls are mine when the rum is gone. At sea you’ll have a captain and first mate. Is not no brig we will have you walk a plank. Treasure we stole it is buried, there is no bank. Reward, a whole island of pretty ladies, lots to drink. Penalty is hanging from a yardarm no more to think. Now here we have an alien snatching this poor girl right off the street. Oh yes, they hide behind a cloud then sneak among a tree before grabbing the treat. I already called law enforcement.They said, “There’s no such things as aliens!” Well, there might as well not be. The girl was a well known actor and they are not sapiens. No one accepts it is the truth. They do not believe she was Norah Jones either. But just forget it it. I caught it on tape so there is proof and you can take a breather. Jealousy is a path to freedom, that, could cost you more than only a pet, stray cat. You’re no pussy, you say. And it is a small price to pay. Only how hard I work. Think of that. Generally then, you are just a sap, unless you are wearing a quite genuine Commander’s Hat.For a good long time you’ll sit and think of that. Why is it others get the good looking place? While I’m stuck with a screwball nitwit that normally wouldn’t be in the race. It’s about money power, honesty, just the right hour. Don’t forget to pay. Remember to pray. Go to a delicatessen and a baker. Quit farting around it’s simple. Think singularity, big cheese and Our Maker. See, God is The Big Cheese in our universe. And us, we’re like tiny bacteria. Discuss it at the delicatessen along with expanding your credit! Since it’s only money and you’re such a great writer just think of it as an edit. It is all really that simple. That is what I said. In this way you may become enriched with knowledge, well as becoming fed! .


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