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Lee-Ann Curren’s Quiksilver surfing lesson with Bethanie Mattek-Sands (CC Subtitles)


southwest France and the ladies and we’re on the beach I got invited here by Liang Karen who’s a pro surfer in Weis European champion and the ranked 12th in the world in the the ASP World Tour obviously she knows what she’s doing and she’s pretty good she invited me down here to take some lessons I have zero experience and surfing so I’m gonna wing it here the reason I’ve never tried surfing as I grew up in Florida there’s some ways there was I’m afraid of sharks the only tries to get our smell like this it’ll be alright still shark they’re more like big pictures it’s okay like never been in this racket aye sir okay sir present is a citizen okay I also feel confident with it isn’t the hardest part or just have to do it fast when you’re family you’re laying down hello like that when you feel the wave is taking you and you gave gaining speed you just stand up really fast with your feet okay start with your feet like wait yeah let’s head aside so paddling and then all right let’s do it I’m ready well me just staying on the board was actually harder than it looks I mean you see everyone just paddling out there and you have to work on speed balance surfing is really sometimes frustrating as far as its long journey Bruce initially I was trying to stand up too far so she gave me the tip of just trying to stand up on my feet and keep my hands on the board and just start with that to see if I could you know take that in and that actually helped a lot because then I was able to stay up for a while I think she did really well like absolutely friends was started and couldn’t take up on the first time so I can see what people are drawn to surfing it’s let alone you’re on the beach listening to the waves in perfect weather but it’s fun I mean for me it’s difficult it’s again the pros make it look easy and it’s something that you have to practice to get better she’s good at sports and she’s good at like she’s going to be good at surfing if she does it again yeah I definitely can see how people catch cowabunga Bethany great surfing out there looks like you and LeeAnn make an awesome team now I’ve arranged for you to give LeeAnn and the friend their very own tennis lesson in the heart of Paris stuff gets a big plan make sure you enjoy by alright time for some tennis now are you ready yes let’s do it here we go I’m gonna bring with me Sally Fitzgibbons so here’s another server Thank You camera


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