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Learn to Surf – Paddling on a Surfboard Guide Part 6


Welcome back this is part six on learning to surf a surfing paddling guide the final chapter today we’re going to cover the surfing paddling techniques used when knee paddling on a paddleboard this last scenario which is how to knee paddle on a paddleboard is mostly focused on a high thrust per stroke not so much energy conservation the deep catch pattern is used to optimise the thrust per stroke as the deep catch pattern has been proven to have a higher thrust per stroke than the S stroke the angle of entry is the same as with paddling prone on a paddleboard the only difference is that we can reach forward further when on our knees than on our stomachs and that will provide a longer sustained propulsive stroke the head position should stay in line with your paddling motion and the way I like to think about it is to keep the head in line with your spine the feet again are not applicable because you’re sitting on them or using them to drive your body forward but the body is used quite a bit note that there’s no longer a need to roll from side to side this motion is front to back and just as with the feet undulation the body moving forward works the same way this is where you get an even steeper deceleration than with prone paddling because when you’re recovering there’s nothing applying force therefore to avoid that severe deceleration you want to increase your stroke rate and we all know that when you increase your stroke rate you increase your energy usage as well but as I said before this technique is used to achieve the highest thrust per stroke and that’s what it does well that was a lot of information over the course of the six videos I’ve provided a link below for you to download a PDF of the summary for all six scenarios and again if you want to learn how to actually do these technique learn drills that enhance these motions and if you want to learn how to make these motions unconscious automatic even so you don’t have to constantly think about them sign up for the surfing paddling academy online class at surfing paddling calm hope you enjoyed it got some value from it I really enjoyed making these videos for you go out and try the techniques and let me know how it goes I’ll see you in the water you


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