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Learn How to Surf : What Equipment is Needed for Surfing?


Here we are back again in Malibu, California. We’re going to be talking about surfing equipment. The most important thing is water temperature. If the water is cold, you’re going to need a wetsuit. Wetsuits come in ranges from 6-5-4s to 4-3s to 3-2s to ones that have hoods attached ones that have detachable hoods. Wetsuits can be spring suits, full suits. A full suit if fully armed, fully legged. A half a suit is here to here, which a spring suit.Then you have your rash guards. A rash guard is just like a shirt so you wear your trunks if the water is warm enough. Unfortunately, it’s not today. After that you have your gloves in case the water is super, super cold. Your hands get tingly. You can’t open your car door after a while. Then after that you’re going to need booties. Booties are a great thing to wear if you’re surfing over rocks, having to walk long distances to the beach.Booties can mess you up, they can help you. It all depends what you’re used to. You can have booties that are half cut, full cut, split toe, 3-2 thickness, 5-millimeter thickness. Now the thickness I’m talking about is the thickness of the wetsuit. 7 mil will be like that and the 3 mil will be like that and that’s on your skin. Before you go surfing, you’re going to need to get a wetsuit, a rash guard, some board shorts, some booties, some gloves, a hood depending on where you live. .


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