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Learn How to Surf : Maintenance Tips For Surf Boards


Alright, so after your long hard surf lesson, you want to make sure your boards stay nice and protected so you can buy a surf bag at your local surf store. What you do is you just slide your bag in in your car like that, pull your board bag up, slide it in. The zipper is broken. An FCS doesn’t make a really good board bag. It kind of gets caroded. The zipper is broken. Once again, you have your board protected. These are great when you’re flying. You take your 6-0 board and put it right back in your car just like that, and then it’s safe and sound. Then when it comes to your 9-6 long board you’re going to need another bag. Here you are with your one giant long board bag. You’re going to take it like this, lay on the street, grab your long board. Preferably thrown in your bag like that. Wrap up the lease. These bags cost about 60-100 bucks. I’m just going to take it and zip it. Push the fin through just like that, grab it, and secure it to your roof rack. Always put your fin forward in case the wind pushes your board off, the fin will catch it.Board bags keep your board from getting dinged, from turning yellow, from birds pooping on them. That’s your roof rack with your board safely secure. I hope you guys had a great day today while you’re visiting us in Malibu, California in county line beach. As you can see, Sean is now a hooked surfer, so he’ll be back many times to come surfing. Thanks for tuning. I’m Howard Lefstein and this is .


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