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“Jalama Beach County Park” CA.- Surfing


Welcome to Jalama Beach County Park Here on a mid Sept morning about 8:15 a.m we arrive with ENE offshore winds Air temperatures this day at sunrise had low 50’s with an afternoon high briefly hitting 70 degrees as the wind turned back onshore cooling the beach quickly! The water temperature was on the cool side about 56 degrees This is the north peak of the campground, it can get very good although it backs off a lot, the waves here get much punchier straight out or even a bit to the south end There really was not much swell this day, all areas south of here almost 300 miles to San Diego were only about 1-2 max 3 foot faces best areas.. Most times in this area during good size swells it gets too big for most surfing abilities, and paddle outs can be on the very difficult side- Spring and especially Fall seem to be the best time of year to surf Jalama with fair weather conditions Normally offshore winds are common at sunrise, but then can turn quickly onshore after about 10 a.m Summer time can be foggy a lot early morning with a calm to slightly onshore flow, turning hard onshore clearing skies afternoon- great for windsurfing! Winter time the best shaped waves are at the next break about 1/2 mile to the south “Tarantula’s” The bottom is mostly sand, there maybe a few large rocks mostly covered underneath some times exposed a little..Some kelp will break off mainly from offshore and areas south where there is more of a rock bottom and float around here in the water… SSW SW swells 195-240 degree angles are best with a little W 270 to WNW combos to help peak up the lines a little and give this beach break some shape! Medium to high tides are good and bring more of the juice closer to shore, also helps break up the walls Lower tides the waves can break pretty far outside making it seem a little more sketchy out there, as with open waters Great Whites and other large fish will be cruising!! This wave here has some WNW swell to it producing a semi long tapered right line, also slightly breaking on the next sandbar outside- Day parking and overnight camping available year round with a fee. Also cabins with heating along with amenities can make for a very comfortable stay! Other popular activities include Windsurfing, Kite flying, Shoreline fishing, Relaxing in the sun, Picnics, and Rockhounding< you may want to check the latest rules on that? If you come here in the winter months basically Nov-March be prepared for some chilly temperatures and most times harsh exposed weather conditions with wind and rain! Overnight morning lows in winter can reach down to freezing 30 degrees, but mostly upper 30's-low 40's Afternoon high air temperature in winter can very, mostly mid 50's to a few low 60's, a little bit warmer noon time possible if sunny with either offshore, calm or light wind.Those afternoon or basically anytime onshore winds coming off that cool ocean can make it seem much colder with a very raw nippy windchill bite! Water temperatures in winter stay in the very cool low 50's, mid 50's max! During the summer June-Sept high air temperatures are mostly cool with a few nice slightly warmer days if the wind stays light mostly mid 60's- mid 70's. An 80 degree mark or higher can happen during an all day offshore wind flow weather event, fairly rare! Night time morning low air temperatures in summer, anywhere from mostly upper 50's to even some upper 60's if an offshore wind flow event occurs known as a Santa Ana Water temperatures in summer do not warm up much, mostly upper 50's to low 60's, A few days can capture some south current bringing in mid to upper 60's very briefly in the water, August Sudden fog, or even quickly increasing onshore winds can change a very nice warm day to a very chilly day fast!! This is an interesting clip: Notice the approaching white caps on the horizon line coming in with an onshore wind.Notice the offshore spray on the waves still along the beach. The wind is about to turn onshore!! Play it safe out here and surf with a friend, there are some natural hazards around, also the waves can be very powerful at times, good help is not so close by! That about it for The "CC Closed Captions" if you have any questions leave a comment below and smash that red "Subscribe" button!!!! This next section "Slide Show" includes my own music playing acoustic guitar, thanks a bunch for visiting my YouTube Channel: "henryssurfshowcase" .

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