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Ian Walsh’s Family of Big Wave Charging, Maui Surfers – Ep 2


Episode two. It’s all episode two. Shaun and DK are characters to say the least. You know they’re, they’re entertaining. I need to live , not how many breaths I take but how many times my breath’s taken away, remember that. Captain one-liner. Growing up as the youngest Walsh’s was pretty intense. My parents raised four boys in the North Shore of Maui, all surfers. The twin’s way of training for big waves and surfing is, pretty much just doing their everyday lifestyle. Open your eyes wide, real wide, yea real wide. Can’t beat that actually you can beat it, oh. What they’re doing is really active and all that transfers into what they’re doing in the ocean. MMA jujitsu, muay thai, boxing, free-diving, amazing fisherman. It’s everything they do every single day, their whole lives are active. So, it just transfers right into what they’re doing in the water.

We train for big wave surfing by doing a lot of cross-training like running the beach or swimming that, that’s really good cardio. And it gets your mind thinking so when you’re like dropping into the wave like you already know what the wave’s gonna do. I don’t even think I’ve ever went to a gym to cross train in my life I just have always done it in the outdoors. Cross-train, this is our cross-train. Shaun and DK were some of the youngest people to ever surf jaws we pretty much dragged them out there when they had just turned thirteen-years-old and they started towing in on like medium to smaller days and then over the last six or seven years that has turned into them knowing that lineup you know as good as anyone. Having Ian as a brother and him being a professional surfer and being well-known around the world is, is pretty strange but the relationship we have is just like the older brother like we don’t take a look at him like he’s some famous guy or what or some pro, big shot guy we just look at him as like he’s our older brother.

My favorite part of Ian surfing is everything. I think wearing a Redbull had helps you get laid plain and simple you rock that thing guaranteed you’re gonna get laid. We’ve seen everything like, like from the ground up, and uh like that just gives me and DK like a, more of a drive to make a name for ourselves. Be able to push the limits smart and effectively. So on Saturday it’s my mom’s sixtieth birthday which is huge, it’s crazy. It’s a surprise and I don’t think she knows yet. We’re trying to keep it as quiet as possible.

Ian’s gonna come in, drive in, park right here. They’re gonna get out of the car and everybody’s gonna be quiet cuz she has no idea that what’s going on. Luke’s coming in from Cali to surprise her. Yeah it’s gonna be huge. That’s, that’s super sick. She’s gonna be stoked, she misses Luke cuz he lives in Cali. Surprise! Woohooo. Oh my god. Here’s the big surprise. I wouldn’t want another mom or dad in the world. I wouldn’t change it for anything. My goals as a surfer I wanna be able to catch the biggest wave in the world paddling or towing and be able to go to big wave spots, people show up and be able to sit next to the biggest names in the world and be a contender. This is what we wanna do as a team, as a family, as a brotherhood.

Welcome to the Ian Walsh Experience. .

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