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Huge Waves And Large Crowds At U.S. Open Of Surfing In Huntington Beach


I have I’m making friends right and left and of course we moved up top here so you could actually see the surfers I want to show you to them first we got a lot of folks out here on the water the competition itself doesn’t begin until about 8 o’clock this morning that’s when they have one of the men’s qualifying rounds that will start out here but you can see a lot of folks out here but I want to bring in Diane Freedman she and her husband are here for about a month or so you’ve been here a couple of years before but never during this particular time what do you think of this competition we’re loving it we we’re out here yesterday morning around here this morning and we want to see the surfers it’s like the best we’ve ever seen so we just couldn’t wait to get out walk the jog and rub the pier what’s been your favorite part oh well I’ll tell you we just like seeing the really great surfers to from all over the world it’s it’s kind of fun just sort of following them in and they’re carrying this giant surfboards and all of a sudden they’re out there and there’s that’s absolutely really spectacular highly recommend it alright awesome I’ll let you back to your coffee you’re walking your dog and your husband over there taking a picture no we’ll wait with him but nonetheless that’s what you’re going to see a lot of out here as thousands of people really flock it down here not only today but all week long for this competition this is obviously the Vans a US Open of Surfing it’s a competition that’s been going on here at Huntington Beach since 1959 if you can believe that so certainly a lot of history out here at the competition is hundreds of surfers as well as BMX bikers and skateboarders come out here and do what they do to make this event so great but serene again the competition is going to get underway at about eight o’clock this morning that’s for the first part but there are several different competitions taking place throughout the day not only on the water but over there in the arena where they have the skateboarders and the BMX bikers so certainly a lot of fun to be had and the finals are a week from Sunday so it’s a whole week of activities so if you can’t get down here today there are plenty of other opportunities to do so good to know and the waves actually look pretty big they’re joy yeah I mean everything’s pretty big the whole area is big the waves are pretty big and we should mention that we do have an advice sorry on therefore some of the south to southeast facing beaches that they do have some large swells upwards of seven feet this is not one of those beaches that’s going to see it huge but certainly it’s it’s a condition for surfers that are out there but I gotta be honest with you they kind of like the extra height I bet they do you and I will leave it to the pros today joy thank you


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