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How to Surf : What You Should Know before Surfing: Beginning Surfing Lesson


Hi, I’m John Hickey with Florida Surf Lessons. You can reach us at More on the introduction and the equipment I have mentioned the leash, what we are going to do is you want to put that leash on your back leg whichever your back leg you be, you want to put that on. The idea is to have that part facing out so that it is not getting caught around your leg. Now you bring your board out to the water. What you want to do is be pretty much in this area right here. I am going to lie down on the board. Now when getting on the board and you are out of the water the first thing you want to do is become familiar with the board. You want to give almost a couple laps as a paddle to get used to the feeling of the board. Also your hips are a key thing to use when you’re balancing.When you are paddling, use your hips because if you are using your arms you are diving you are going to be going everywhere you are going to be shaking and you do not want to do that. What you want to do is have your chest off the board, use your hips to balance with and that is when you start paddling. We will go more in-depth with the paddling in just a moment. Once you get on the board once you are out there you can straddle the board. When you are waiting for the waves, you can sit on the board. Sitting on the board with your legs spread is not a big deal at all.Actually it is a comfort zone. We will be right back. .


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