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How to Surf : What To Do If You Fall Off the Surf Board: Beginning Surfing Lesson


Hi I’m John Hickey with Florida Surf Lessons. You can reach us at We are located out of Central and South Florida. To wrap up basically the introductory surfing, what you want to do is once you are standing on the board and you are out there, a lot of times you are going to be falling. What you want to do is avoid the surfboard. You want to make sure that you are not landing straight on the surfboard. So you always want to kind of push off to the side a little bit or if you can, just kind of fall backwards, makes sure you push that surfboard away from you. Once you do fall in the water, the first thing you want to do is get those hands up and make sure that surfboard does not hit you in the head. Because we have the softest boards made right now, that is a good thing you can always watch out for but once you are done surfing you always want to get those surf boards up and get them nice and clean because cleaning a surfboard is a key thing to helping your surfboard last longer.You always want your surfboard to last longer. They are expensive, pricey but they are great to use when keeping in good condition. Also make sure you wash yourself off because towards the end if you go home and you have salt water all over you are going to feel sticky and nasty. This has been John Hickey with Florida Surf Lessons. Remember you can reach us at on behalf of Expert we would like to thank you for watching. .


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