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How to Surf : How to Stretch Properly Before Surfing


Hi! This is Pat Weber with the San Diego Surfing Academy for There are some basic stretches that is going to help you stretch out your back, your shoulders, your arms and they go like this. The first stretch we are going to do is the shoulder stretch like this: if you can hold it for about 30 seconds, stretching out your shoulders getting ready to work. You are going to work them like you never have. Make sure you do the other side as well. Here’s a great stretch for your legs, for the top of your thighs and your quadriceps. Grab the top of your foot like this. It is also going to develop your balance which is super important for surfing. Hold this for about 30 seconds, and go ahead and switch and hold this one. Here’s another upper body stretch. Arms up over your head, and lean to one side stretching out your lower back. Hold that for 30 seconds, back upright, lean to the other side stretching out the back muscles and the lats, getting ready to work. I am going to show you if you get one stretch before you hit the water. It is going to look like this; chins up, lower back getting stretched, shoulders are getting stretched, my arms getting stretched, legs are getting stretched.You know they say you should stretch before and after activity. Maybe half of us stretch before, and very few stretch afterwards. .


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