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How to Surf : How to Identify the Parts of a Surf Board: Beginning Surfing Lesson


Hi, I’m John Hickey with Florida Surf Lessons. You can reach us at We are located out of Central and South Florida. On behalf of Expert we would like to welcome you. We are going to give you an introductory of surf lessons. Starting off with the surf board right here we got a basic long board surfboard. The safest board out there right now. If for some reason the board does ends up hitting you, you won’t be badly injured. Also right here we got the top of the board. Now the top of the board is where you are going to be doing all of the surfing. You are going to be laying on this and be standing on this. Now underneath is the bottom which will be on the water. On the waves and you got the front of the board and the back of the board. Now the front of the board is called the nose. A lot of times that nose will go under. Also got the sides which are called rails.Now the rails you also want to stay away; we will explain that later on. This thing right here basically anchors you to the wave; it sets you into that wave and lets you get that ride. We will be right back with some more. .


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