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How to Surf for Girls : Surfing & Knowing Where to Paddle Out


Hi I’m Schell Michael, I’m here with Expert Village and today we’re going to do a series on how to surf. Already, so you go to choose where you going to paddle out. Sometimes this can be difficult, you just get so excited, you get to the beach; you want to just run right into the water and start surfing. And then it happens, you get stuck in kind of little, you don’t really go anywhere. That’s the worst. That’s where you can waste the most energy. So the best thing is, when you get to any surf spot, probably watch the surf anywhere from five to fifteen minutes. You can kind of get an idea about where the other surfers are paddling out. So the best is just to follow by example. And usually people that have been surfing at certain spots a long time will know the best way, the easiest way, the safest way, cause you know, they’re going to want to use that way too. So just watching other surfers or just watching the ocean. Sometimes you can really tell which way the tides are pulling, which way the current can be. Usually you want to paddle out in what we called the channel which is a safe spot, that is either in between breaks, where there is no waves breaking, or to the right or to the left of a break where its just kind of flat.Most surf spots do have that. There are some that you kind of got just time it right. .


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