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How to Surf for Girls : Surfing & How to End Your Ride


Hi I’m Schell Michael, I’m here with Expert Village and today we’re going to be doing a series on how to surf. So you’re coming off the end of the wave. Most people will fall off, some people will jump off, some people sit back on their board, it just depends kind of on the situation. If you’re losing your balance, you just fall in the water, it’s safe., it’s good. But just have to know how to fall on the water, how to jump in the water and just safety first for your body. So you keep contact wave, you’re kinda coming to the end, it slows down, you’re kinda just standing there. If you have the opportunity just to sit right back down on your board, you’re kinda just slip wo-woo you’re a little wabbly, you know, just get right back sit down’ lay down, you’re good to go. If you fall off sometimes you can’ really think about it, it’s kinda happens but usually you can kinda feel a little bit if you’re going to fall off, you know, do a belly flop, fall on your side. You never want to dive head first into the water, very dangerous.A lot of places, you know, even if you think its deep, there can be some shallow pockets, there can be some coral heads, there can be some rocks. You just never really know. So don’t go head first ever diving in, just kinda fall off to the side of the board, belly flops are great. So you fall off your board, you’re kinda like woo woo, white water’s everywhere, white water and you’re coming up to the head up to the surface, you maybe want to just guard your head up a little bit, just be careful coming to the surface. I’ve had a few experiences where you know, I had a skeg.A skeg is another word for fin, you know, cut my lip or another person’s board coming off wave was coming at me so just be aware of your surroundings and when you’re coming out after wiping out, you know, just be a little more cautious. .


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