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How to Surf : Choosing the Right Surf Board Wax: Beginning Surfing Lesson


Hi, I’m John Hickey with Florida Surf Lessons. You can reach us at We are located out of Central and South Florida. We are going to talk about name and type of wax you will need. Now type of wax to the board is a crucial thing because if you are in a sub-tropic area such as Florida and you using a cold wax it is really what it does with this heat, it melts real fast. What you want to do is make sure you get the right type of wax on the board. Down here they are usually 5 degrees off in temperature the cold wax would be about 65 below water.You got a cool wax which would be about from 65 to 70. You got a warm wax in 70 to 75 and the tropical wax 75 and up. If you have a tropical wax in really cold water it will be too hard and won’t get that right grip for your feet and will be constantly slipping. Because where you place your feet the surf board is slippery and you will slip off if you don’t have right wax so that is crucial. We will be right back in just a moment. .


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