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How to kitesurf: Water Start


Alex from video for people learning kitesurf waterstart this is designed for those who have completed a kitesurfing course or as prep for those having kitesurf lessons. Kite surfing can be dangerous without a qualified instructor so you start in the water you keep your power kite at 12 directly above your head controlling the kite with one hand using light bar pressure then you place your board in the water directly down wind of yourself place feet in kiteboard footstraps If your kiteboard was not directly downwind you would start to rotate now, as the kite pulls you down wind. Now, I’m going to waterstart to the right I straighten my right leg and then dive the kite to the right start with a slow dive. If you find you’re not pulled much by the kite then you can do a faster, steeper dive to the right. or get a run up by starting with the kite to your left at 11 o’clock Another view to learn waterstarts from and look at some classic mistakes that are made by people learning to water start Here the kitesurfer doesn’t get enough power when diving his kite.

He improves by steering slightly faster. Another view showing the learners kite You see that he starts with the kite on the left and does a steep dive of the kite and the kite ends up well down wind finally, a few begginer kitesurfers have trouble maintaining board speed. Board position can help with this as well as kite control if you learn to keep steering your kite until your board speed is high, this should help. as it will keep the kite in high power you will also accelerate faster if you point you board slightly down wind.

If you’re thinking about learning to kitesurf please complete a course with a certified instructor this will teach you to handle power kites safely check out for lessons in south east england thanks very much đŸ™‚ .

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