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How To : Body Surfing


In this video, I’m going to show you how to body surf. So, it’s a lot like surfing, in catching waves and like, when you’re on the body board or a surf board catching waves, but obviously, you go solo. You’ve got no board. You just, you know, you’re going to put yourself on the wave and the wave’s going to carry you to the shore. So, first off, you’re going to hit the surf, paddle out, swim out, go as deep as you want, okay. A lot of body surfers, it is an actual sport. They actually wear body board flippers, which helps them paddle into the waves but for the purpose of just going out, having fun and catching waves and body surfing them in. I’m just going to show you quickly how to do that. So, jump in the sea, paddle out, get to just about waist depth of water.

So, for the purposes of this video, just pretend I’m waist deep in water. So, waves coming in behind me, once I pick my wave, here it comes. Here it comes. I’m going to dive down, okay? Dive down and you take your body as streamline as you can. Point your toes. Cup your hands. Tuck your head in. Kick as hard as you can. Kick. Kick. Kick. Kick. Head down. As streamline as you can, once the wave’s got you, you can carry on kicking, okay? Propel you toward the shore. So, that is, pretty much, how to body surf. . .

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