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Halloween Surfing in Santa Monica!


Hi guys! Today there’s going to be a Halloween competition in Santa Monica. So I wanted to take you there! Let’s go! ☺ Meow! I’m running a little late so I hope I haven’t missed anything What?! How many times have you done this? Uh, I don’t know. Maybe about three or four times. What did you do last year? I was Noah, actually. OK, I saw your photos. That’s right. That was amazing! Do you think you might take me for a ride The seats are really tiny. It’s our first time surfing in the contest Can I get a look at your mask? What?!?! I met you the other day AHHHHH!!! Eric and you are? I’m Drone! Who are you? I’m Rose I’m Jack All right. Are we ready to go? The competition is now over. Congratulations to all the winners.Everyone was amazing. It blew me away. Ohhhh…. Time to go home and take a nap, I think Hi guys! How ya doing? I hope you enjoyed watching this video as much as I enjoyed editing it. yay! So this week is going to be crazy. I started driving for Lyft. And I’ve taken 63 people around this week, all around L.A. So I’m getting to know the city really well. It’s a fun part-time job. If you’ve never taken a ride with Lyft, I’ve put a little promotional code down there. If you can sign up that would help me a lot.And you’ll get some free credit. Taking a little break. My favorite rice crackers. So if you like these videos, you know the drill. Make sure that you subscribe, comment, share, & like! Spread the word! I’ll be back next week with another video. It could be music. It could be a cover song. It could be a VLOG It’s a mystery! But make sure that you subscribe. And as always, thank you for watching these videos. Thank you for coming today.Love you! Bye! .


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