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GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Surfing with Monyca Eleogram (Ep 12)


Hi, I’m Monica, prosurfer and GoPro athlete.Today I’m going to show you how to properly put your GoPro Surf Mount on your board to avoid it coming off in any way. It should be totally secure if you just follow my instructions. First things first, you want to get a nice, clean towel and remove any sand, dirt, or anything that might be on the tip of your board. And then you’re going to grab the Surfboard Mount. I like to place it about 4 inches down from the nose, just so that it’s solid and it doesn’t, you know weigh the board down or anything, it’s just solid in a secure place. You’re going to peel this off and place the cutout edge facing the nose. You’re also going to want to align this straight with your stringer so that, you know it’s all straight and the footage will be nice and even. Next thing is the anchor.This is the piece you’re going to attach your tether to so that your GoPro can be nice and secure. So you just place that right in the little cutout area. You want to make sure to leave your Surfboard Mount on your board for at least 24 hours so that it’s nice and secure before you go in the water. And also make sure you put it on at room temperature. That way it’s not too cold, not too hot, it’s ready to go. So the next thing we’re going to do is put the tether on the GoPro. So how we do that is string it right through this metal bar. Once it’s through, you want to place the knot right through the middle of the tether and pull tightly to secure it. So the next thing we’re going to do is put the QR piece onto the GoPro. So how you do that is you put the GoPro logo towards you, the camera towards you, slip it in, and then secure it with the thumbscrew.Once that’s secured, you’ll take the tether and put it through the anchor. This will keep the GoPro safely on the board in two different places, so there’s really not a chance of you losing it now. It’s really safe if you follow all of these instructions. Ok, once the GoPro is secured tightly, you can put it on the board. So you’re going to want to obviously face it towards you, because you’ll be standing here, slip it in, and make sure you hear that click. Once you have your GoPro secured to your board, you’re going to want to take this white piece that’s called a locking plug and put it right here.Push your GoPro all the way forward, first of all and then it’s going to slip right in here. And the thing that this is for, it steadies the GoPro so there’s no vibration and also in case you hit this, it’s not going to come off because it’s completely secured with the locking plug. Now that the GoPro is secure, and everything is locked in, you’re going to want to pull your GoPro all the way back until the floaty just hits your board.For me, I like it like that because then you can see me, the board, the wave, and everything is in frame. If you’re not totally comfortable with that, you can always use the GoPro App to frame your shot. Now that my GoPro is in place, I’m going to tell you about my favorite setting. It’s called 1080 Superview at 48 frames per second. 48 frames per second because it’s really really good when you turn it into slow motion and Superview because it’s a really wide angle. It gets all the way from the top of your head to your feet, it won’t cut anything off and it’s just a really good go-to mode if you don’t want the hassle. It’s new to the Hero3+. Thank you for watching GoPro Athletes Tips and Tricks. Looks like everything is ready to go. The GoPro is properly mounted, I showed you my favorite setting, now go out there and get some great content. My name is Monyca, I’ll see you in the water, but it won’t be on this board because I’ve got to wait another 24 hours remember? I’ll see you guys next time. .


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