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GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks: Big Wave Surfing with Jamie Sterling (Ep 16)


Hi, I’m Jamie Sterling. I’m a professional big wave surfer and GoPro Athlete and today we’re talking about Tips and Tricks to applying a surfboard nose mount and talking about different modes that you use for big wave surfing. We are going to apply the Floaty Backdoor. So we’re going to peel this off, making sure to line it up as best you can. Put the camera inside. We like to use these Anti-Fog Inserts. So I applied two of these and then we’re ready to close the camera. First thing you want to make sure you have is a clean surface. And I’m going to do a little trick here and take a lighter to it and by taking a lighter you want to heat up the glue that’s on the bottom of the sticky pad. And that what it actually does is makes it extra tacky.Now it’s on there I’m going to press down firmly, and now I’m going to do the same thing. This is the tether. The old lighter trick. Now we’re going to apply the tether into the tether mount. Now that the camera is secure in there, we’re going to do the last step that’s actually securing the camera onto the board. This is called the lock plug and this just fits right in the little grooves of the clip and then you can actually loop this around the bolt.Personally I like to get a little bit of my logos and a little bit of my feet definitely in the shot. And then you’re going to take a screwdriver and tighten up the bolt. I like to shoot 1080/60. It offers a wider frame as well as 60 frames a second. Definitely be shooting in 1080/60 while surfing big waves. So yeah, this is all the tips and tricks I have for you today, hope you guys enjoyed that. Happy times getting some good GoPro clips. Be safe out there. I’m Jamie Sterling, Aloha. .


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