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Epic Maui to Lanai downwind outrigger surfing


My name is Kai Bartlett Owner and Designer of KaiWaa Canoes. And this run that we did is, is truly an adventure run, it’s a run that you don’t just do every day you don’t drive from point A to point B with your pickups. You need an escort to pick you up at the end …and there is a lot of logistics involved and that what makes it a true adventure. This is the 2nd time in my life that I’ve done this run. It’s got that mystic sense about it as well. It’s probably by far one of the most epic 30 mile runs you could do, just because of the direction the way the wind funnels between the islands You know it’s a really, really 5 star run.And again, it’s not a run you can just do every day, so it’s really special. During this run, you know being off season – up in your mind you’re worrying about, oh man, 30miles, wow… I’ve got to pace myself, but you know the build-up from the beginning through maybe the first quarter of it it just got better and better and of course, it just got better as the day went on. And it was so much fun, that …you never… the surf was soo good, you never really got tired. You’d get thirsty, but it was just, I mean there was times out there surfing you are giggling. When you are in that type of mind frame. I don’t think you ever really feel that sense of tiredness or exhaustion, it’s more just… it’s like a kid in a playground all day, you know…. you’re just playing. You know a big part of it too is just to really show people and show everybody out there in the paddling community what that Ares is all about It’s a smaller volume boat but you can see in the ocean it reacts well it’s lively it’s dry, it runs it pops up and over it has full control you are not having to control the boat you are just out there to have fun with the boat We haven’t really promoted that with the Ares, and we haven’t done anything to show people what it’s all about, so this is our chance.This is our opportunity. You know watching this footage I hope that it creates excitement I hope it gets paddlers in our community excited I hope it get’s people that don’t even paddle excited and curious of what paddling is really all about. There is so many elements to paddling, you know there’s your sunday fun crew that paddle in flat water, there is, your… all the way to like us guys, that really chasing that adventure… looking for those extreme conditions…and going for the sleigh rides. Really what this videos is to create excitement It’s more than racing, it’s more than pleasure It’ everything, … you know it’s lifestyle. I was super stoked to have Bobby Prat along with us on this run. One, because we have being trying to drag him to Maui to show him what we have in Maui with downwind runs and we have been just sharing past runs with him and it was really nice to actually be able to share it with him and have him be there be a part of it have him be there part of the team and you know he is a great guy, he’s always got a great attitude and he’s also a dam good paddler so, it’s somebody that is fun to pace with and push you.You know on a run like that it’s so easy to get carried away with just playing too much, but it is also fun to push yourself and see what more can get out of that next bump, so it was really good having him along This is what it is all about you know racing is racing… but being out there on the ocean and enjoying it with your friends is… that’s priceless …. priceless thing about paddling. .


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