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April Fool’s Day is coming up and instead of playing a prank on you I’m going to be playing a prank on my dad. My idea is to get a trip wire set up with fishing line, and that’s going to connect to the very start of this domino set up So when he walks through the door, he’ll run into the trip wire, set off the dominoes, and I’m going to be in the other room as this is happening, hi plz sub to james0504 so I’ll hear the dominos, and run in, and be like, Dad! what did you do! or whatever. And then he’ll freak out because he’ll think he accidentally knocked it down when really it was a setup All right Let’s do this prank my dad’s going to be here in like an hour and a half so I have that much time to set The cameras and do a mini set up over here, and then put like a trip wire with fishing line somewhere over here, so when he walks in it’ll trigger that, and then all of this will go down.

Okay, so I think I’m going to change this. It’s actually kind of noticeable when you compare it to the floor color like you can see the string I’m probably going to like connect some sort of string to the door I don’t know. I got like an hour and a half, so let’s produce stuff fast. This is actually perfect. So I have the fishing wire attached to this doorknob, and this runs all the way through here through here, through here, and I’m going to build like a pretty big tower This is going to be attached one of the dominoes at the top, or somewhere in the middle, and when he opens the door, the tower will fall so as soon as he walks in, he’s gonna hear a huge crash, and think that he knocked it down.

It’s so evil. Why is am I doing this? I put the fishing line behind these poles so it blends in with this wall and you can’t see it at all. So, once the door opens it’ll move this string and that’s gonna hit one of these dominoes which will start this wall, and the whole chain reaction will go. The string is going to be attached to this domino right here. So I’m gonna cut the string right about here. And now I’m going to tape it to this domino, and now this is gonna go right here Wow Okay, prank on me. Hahaha Okay, that’s what I get for trying to prank my dad.

It falls on me I know. I know. I know. I’m a terrible person. April Fools. I rebuilt part of the wall, and this is the domino that’s gonna do all the damage. Hopefully it doesn’t fall this time. And now, locked and loaded. The door is unlocked the fishing line is set up to this domino wall, and now, just have to build a random setup. I’m thinking I’m gonna do a lot of towers, a lot of structures, and like small to large sets, so it makes a really big noise, and it’s a really dramatic so things are like crumbling over.

And then I’ll add some like lines around it to connect them all. But that’s kind of the general idea, just to make it kind of just like a shock when he walks in. Okay, my dad’s on his way. I finished the setup. The string is going to trigger this wall, and it’s going to do all these towers, and structures, and end with this huge tower. I have no idea how he’s going to react, I don’t know if this trick is gonna work.

Hopefully he’ll hate me. He’s the type of guy that can handle prank, so I mean, he’s my dad, it’s totally fine. All right, all the cameras are on. We’re ready to go. He’s gonna be here in a couple of minutes. I’m gonna go hide in the bathroom, and when he arrives, I’m going to hear knock down, burst out of the bathroom and by then all the dominoes’ll be gone. So, I feel really mean doing this. Please, I’m not mean in real life. This is just for April Fool’s. I had to make this video because April Fool’s is on a Saturday. Where are you, dad? Oh, God oh, God oh, God, oh God.

He’s here. He’s here. I just saw him pull in. Okay, now we wait. Any minute now. Any minute. I’m gonna pretend to be like really shocked and angry. All I did was open the door! Was that what I was supposed to film? Yeah. How’d that happen? Oh, my God. I didn’t even come in! Was it just the vibration? Was that stuff here or in the office? April Fool’s! April Fool’s! What the hell! This whole thing was April Fool’s? Yeah. The wire? I’m sorry Dad. I’m so sorry. You had a string all the way to your office to do that? No, no, look! The string is attached to the doorknob. You little jerk. And it was attached to the wall. Folks, she got me, and she got me good.

I’m sorry, dad. My daughter took advantage of me. Thanks for being a good sport. You’re welcome! Look at this is a string with all the doorknobs. Yeah. Oh, you’ve got me. That was a classic. Was it? Yeah, and I’m gonna get you! You’re gonna get me? ‘Cause you’re gonna put this on the interweb. Oh, no! Look at this string! doorknob! Oh, my God! Okay, you got me okay? All good fun and games. Love this kid Thanks, dad! That’s, that’s it. That was really it. And you got it on this, too? Yeah, of course. I got on all of these cameras. You- Bye, everybody. Bye. Oh you probably did a whole intro. I’m gonna fool my dad, I’m gonna do this, You’ll find out, you’ll find out. I know how your mind works. Wow, that came out perfectly. I got him so good. But that was entertaining. Thumbs up. I’m Hevesh5, and I’ll see you next Saturday. .

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