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Close Shave – 1977 Surfing Punta Mango – La Libertad El Salvador with Dave Hartman


And 1977 is dennie de paula is just waking up at kuta mango in el salvador after exhausting drive from Maryland with surf buddy Dave Hartman his time shave off a two-week rose that head out in the morning glad this is days fifth year in a row driving to Central America each time introducing another one of his buddies to the remote surf breaks this trip span january through april nineteen seventy-seven for side trips to Costa Rica Honduras and Nicaragua you ok totally into the El Salvador thing at this point so I’m like every year I’m going back and it was more comfortable there than than at home so 77 had another friend his name was Denny de paula was a lifeguard notion city had served with him known him for five or ten years he was free obviously you didn’t want a job where was done with school so we probably left in January it was really cold we left I was trying to change oil in the truck before we left and I could heart it was so cold I could hardly get the oil to pour out of can to put it in the car and no so this time in 77 Denny and I went down there and we went directly to Punta mango we had some pretty good waves they’re fun note we might have surfed with a couple of guys here and there you’d have guys every once in a while show up there and but nobody really stayed that long because there’s seven miles in the closest town there’s no cold beer there’s no ice cream so people didn’t last long they’re one of the local guys I think you’ll see him kind of they had big word fins and he’s sitting on my inner tube that was this thing where he dumped all those oysters in with a basket on the bottom of it or net and you’ll see him kicking out and one day he came to man he gets hey you wanted you know you want to go out and dive for oysters with me I’m like you know when when it’s flat it’s flat doesn’t you know what do you do you’d read hanging hammock and all that kind of stuff all they do have is a chisel and mallet that’s all they use so we rolling out with him he took me on the point we got there and we’re knocking the oysters off and I never seen those rocks there’s only been one how big the way was but it might be only to two or three feet and not much and that was the place you had to get by and sometimes you had to actually get ahead of the way to get through that section to get the rest of the way and when they’re knocking these oysters all sometimes they don’t get the whole shell so there’s all these jagged oyster shells on those rocks and I was like oh so that’s what I’ve been racing over when you dope Udo pretty shallow and you try to get the heck out of there pretty quick before you got washed by the next way you you I we done the usual trip we had to leave and go out of the country came back and actually the guy gave us 90 days on a stamp thing we’ve gone back up to leave her Todd for something we were waiting for a friend up to follow Rotherham’s restaurants on a Saturday night and it’s party time at libertad and was just sitting in the van wait for this guy to get his board in his stuff so we could go back then to Punta mango and I had a couple of drunk immigration guys show up and went to see her passport like sure well show you the passport it’s 90 days and the guy gets the passport looks at it and sticks it in his back pocket both our passports hey guys you weren’t supposed to get the 90 days comes the capital and get your passport you got 48 hours to get out of the country so that’s why Denny’s trip was cut a little short we had to leave in April that year because there was just no way around it they had a big red stamp which was not a good sign over my exit thing so I lost that task for it and got a new one the next year


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