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“Campus Point” CA. 3- 6.5 feet clean! – surfing


This is Campus Point located in Santa Barbara, Southern California USA It is actually Goleta Point named well before the UCSB College was built General parking is permit only, which keeps this place very exclusive for the students and faculty The waves here can get totally amazing but very rarely because the Channel Islands block out direct swells It needs a moderate to large west swell coming in from a direction of 270 degrees As the swell direction turns more WNW or NW which is common it needs to be even much bigger to make the wrap into this long amazing point! The weather in Santa Barbara is very fair and sunny year round! Occasional winter storms can bring lots of rain! Thats Santa Cruz Island left side top screen ( not to be confused with the city in Central California) And that is Santa Rosa Island far offshore top right side of screen Both Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa Islands ensure a complete wave block from S and SW swell directions turning this area mostly flat during summer That little bump of land starting far left top side of screen moving right is Anacapa Island The air is crisp and clean, much better than Los Angeles to the south and east, that’s for sure! Morning low air temperatures winter time are about 40 – low 40’s Occasionally and briefly during winter air temperatures can drop into the low-mid 30’s Downtown Santa Barbara is just over those bluffs ( moving right) tucked back up against the Santa Ynez Mountains Afternoon high air temperatures winter are generally during fair weather, low 60’s, occasionally can hit low 70 degree’s during offshore wind flows like in this video.The ocean bottom to the left of this point is mostly all sand When winter storms do roll in, air temperatures don’t get much less than low-mid 50’s for afternoon highs Facing southerly keeps Campus Point protected from the usually strong dominant NW wind flow Storms can bring in direct south winds which is pretty much the most not favorable direction. Fog can roll through anytime mostly during summer cutting visibility down to zero! Water temperatures stay cool, mid 50’s winter, sometimes low 50’s Summer time the water temperature upper 50’s low-mid 60’s mostly. Around August can hit 70 degrees briefly If you can catch this place on one of those once in a lifetime mega swells, rides all the way through are possible!!!!!!!! Sometimes tar and/or oil seepage and spills can end up on the shoreline, but most times very clean! Visit my home page YouTube channel: “henryssurfshowcase” For more Southern California beach videos!!!!! “SUBSCRIBE” by clicking the red button lower right side of this screen to see more uploaded videos as they come in!!!!! Leave a “COMMENT” “LIKE” “DISLIKE” and “SHARE” Thanks for watching and visiting!!!! ” henryssurfshowcase” @ This is the end of “CC” Closed Caption for now, enjoy the rest of the video!


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