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“Brooks Street” Laguna Beach CA. surfing


This is “Brooks Street” located just south of main downtown Laguna Beach Southern California U.S.A. It is the big wave break for the area, if you’re lucky enough to catch it firing! On smaller days it can be very fun also but gets a little crowded for those kind of conditions during summer along with swimmers. You want a big straight south swell 175-185 degrees long period 6 feet 18 seconds or more, to give it the volume it needs to break on the far outside 2nd reef, connect and jack to the inside left slide boils. A Hurricane moving up Baja close enough can also produce outstanding surf in this area but moves more up the beach north hitting the other near by street breaks, Oak, Anita,Thalia, St Ann’s, all the way up to Cleo, and the infamous “Sleepy “Hollow” break which pumps tubes ending in a crushing shore break to the main beach on the largest of SSE swells, but very rare! A thick mushy powerful cloud break on the outside will set you up for a very fast jack up inside with occasional tubes possible and a long left hotdog slide.The deep inside section is not to be taken lightly, because the bottom is mostly boulders and deep holes! Some seaweed can also tangle you up making it even more dangerous. After you make it past the deep inside sections, it turns mostly into a sand bottom and much safer shoulder with some leftover end rides for less experienced surfers. Likes a medium tide to even a moderate high incoming, about 2.5-5.9 feet. Lower tides can get a little sketchy on the inside boils! The winds here are a lot less than most other exposed beach breaks. South winds normally morning can make things a little crummy but if big enough can handle the light chop very well. Early mornings are usually very smooth with calm to light offshore wind. Prevailing west winds in the afternoon are far less here than most other places and still allow great afternoon surf.Parking is a little tough if you try to go during afternoon hours, dawn patrol has decent space to put your car up the hill aways, or pay meters along PCH. It’s an easy access close walk to a short stairway down to the sand. Southern Hemisphere south swells have a straight open window here with no blockage from San Clemente Island or Santa Catalina, so there is some good power behind this break when big! The paddle out is not that tough from the north, just don’t get run over! Or try paddling out from the south of Cress St. if you want to sneak into the cloud break line up, but be a little cautious by not under estimating the rugged ocean bottom! The bottom deep inside is semi sharp boulder type, some kelp, with a few deep holes, not something you want to scrape or hit on a wipe out! The shoulder seen here tapers off to mostly sand bottom, a few large boulder reef chunks Winter time is mostly flat here to some small ridable occasionally good waves just to the north at “Thalia St.” Also some sea life under there with Sting Rays, Eels, even a few sharks cruising the reefs, but really not much of a problem.Warm waters can bring in Jelly fish, just mentioning kind of rare. Water temperature summer is mostly mid- upper 60s- to some brief low 70’s Air temperatures in summer topping mostly mid-upper 70’s for a few weeks in August-Sept 80’s even 90 degree’s on the sand possible. Low air temperatures in summer mostly low 60’s to upper 60’s Overall weather is very good, low clouds are typically early morning to afternoon sun. This area does seem to cloud up a little faster than most other places with the foothills close to the beach building up cloud cover with some fog possible, unpredictable sometimes? Air temperatures in winter are usually very moderate anywhere for highs during fair weather low 60’s to low 70’s, sometimes even a little warmer.Not much below upper 50’s for highs during rainy winter weather. Morning low air temperatures in winter mostly mid- upper 40’s, can get to about 40 January, but not for long after sunrise. For more Southern California surf videos check out my home YouTube page “henryssurfshowcase” Subscribe by hitting the lower right hand red button if you would like to get FREE notification as videos are uploaded! Also doing a daily weather, surf, and beach report in my “discussions” section. What’s kind of cool about that is it keeps a record of past reports so you can go back and see how the beach and surf conditions have been around  in So Cal. Thanks a bunch for watching, this the end of “CC” Closed Caption for now, maybe updated later… .


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