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Biggest Wave Ever Surfed in The World – 100 Foot Wave


Maya Gabeira, 26 was surfing a Giant wave when she fell off the board. The emergency team that was in the sea with a jetski went by her side to save her, but the force of the sea made it very difficult. There were many people doing me a sign and when a saw her for a moment, i went ther and she disappeared with the wave, then people start saying to go to the other side of Maya and i did it. After that i gave her a rope but she didn’t had any force to hold it and let go. When i saw she missed the rope for a second time, i realize she was going in direccion of the Rocks. Then she disappeared with the wave When she appeared again, i jumped from the jetski and hold her and bring her to the shore.there was a guy helping me on the shore because i couldn’t do all by myself…he arrived, helped me and then we resurrect her. The surfer, were helped by the emergency team when she got to the shore Thank God i did a resuscitation course last year in Hawai, because if didn’t do that i couldn’t save her

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