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Beginner Paddle Surfing : Getting Up on a Paddleboard


In this clip you’re going to follow yourself from you know, the first progression of the prone paddle position, just like a normal surfer on your belly with the paddle underneath you, to actually finding the center of effort on this board right here. There’s going to be a sweet spot right in the middle of the front and end of the board, probably somewhere in between this got wind sticker and you know these two labels right here. It’s going to pretty much be the center widest point of the board, that you’re going to be able to get up on your knees. And, once you do, you want to make sure that you get up in a square position. At no point should you ever be in a side to side lateral position like this, like a normal surfer.It’s actually going to make your stability far less, and it’s going to make things much more difficult for you. So, once you’re able to get up on your knees, you’re going to want to choke up on the paddle a good amount. If you’re trying to do it like this and you’re on your knees, you’re going to end up having way too much trying to paddle with.So, don’t be afraid to choke up, it’s not like a Lilly Game or anything where you’re going to look like a wuss. So, paddle, paddle both sides, get comfortable with turning, get comfortable with just paddling for a couple of long distances, and that’s when you’re going to take it to the final step where you’re actually going to be standing up and doing the stand up paddle surf. .


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