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Aussie surfs his way into final at legendary big wave challenge in Nazare


 A week ago the charger from the NSW South Coast was left gasping for breath, battered and bruised after suffering a massive wipeout and multiple wave hold down in his first ever surf at the notorious Portuguese break  On Saturday morning the 21-year-old found himself back in whitewater chaos as he surfed his way into his first ever Nazare Challenge final at the Praia do Norte break on a “dream day of surfing”  As others skidded down waves, face planted and were tossed through the air and into the foam, Bierke held his nerve to make a memorable WSL Big Wave Tour debut  “It was definitely pretty crazy and to be honest I am just so tired after coping a few big ones on the head,” Bierke told The Daily Telegraph after the final early Saturday  “It was everything I expected and more. Probably more. “Not sure if I am going to be able to get out of bed tomorrow but it was worth it That was insane.” On a day of high-speed rides and horrific whitewater carnage for some – including Aussie Jamie Mitchell who fell from a great height – South African Grant “Twiggy” Baker took the honours at Nazare on a day of perfect 25-45 foot waves and the first perfect score of the Nazare Challenge by Basque surfer and third place finisher Natxo Gonzalez  But Bierke also made a mark as the youngest surfer in the line-up.  He went into the six-man final with the third highest score of the semi-finals  He exited it in sixth place after being “atomised” by churning water after a beating in the final six minutes of the hour long final  “To be honest nothing compares to the wipeout I had last week here. I was held under for so long like never before,” Bierke said of his frightening first surf at Nazare  “I actually think it helped with my confidence though.” However it was two-two Big Wave Tour winner Baker, the oldest surfer in the line-up at 45, who dominate the final “I don’t believe it, this is insane,” Baker said “These kids were going so hard today and I can’t believe I’ve still got that in me ” Every Test, ODI & T20I live, ad-break free during play and in 4K. Only on Foxtel SIGN UP TODAY! .


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