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Anxiety: Surfing waves of thoughts and emotions.


Hi there. It’s Darren from the Healthy Mind Project again here. In nature. Near the ocean. Wow! Such a good feeling. Just feel your stress come down. Just feel the waves. And your breath go out. Breathe in good energy. Let out all that’s worrying you, Stressing you out. So I just wanna share with you a little bit of this peace and quiet here. This beautiful beach here. There’s hardly anybody here. So just just enjoy this free, open space. Feel that free open, open space, within yourself. So awesome, right? So, our minds are little bit like the ocean. They have waves, sometimes very calm. Sometimes stormy. But we can control those waves with our our thoughts. So, try today, when you get some negative thoughts. Just imagine it like a wave. And then just let the wave rise and fall. Just like the ocean. Hope you have a great day.Wishing you a lot of inner peace. Take care. .


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