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Alana Blanchard Oahu Training & Kelly Slater Surfing At Haleiwa, Ep. 205


On the next beep you’re just gonna jump up and down on your toes get your something down nice and slow this year I qualified for the Women’s World Tour and I sent for him the whole time okay so I’m pretty much know until next year let me be training really hard go ahead lunch this side twist all the way back turn your head oh there’s just this past year I’ve been what we’re really getting into like cross-training and stuff and it’s actually something I really like to do just like pushing myself and it makes me more confident I guess in my surfing you’re gonna sit up and you’re gonna cut back if you do a real cutback and go all the way around you want to see it like this right and to hit the whitewater it’s pretty amazing how this year on the North Shore with every house and I blind has a little training regimen which never before it did little circuit for you up and over the head excellent it’s good to see it’s finally taking it that way to where it’s more you’re actually an athletic sport and just more of a lifestyle sport come down into a squat come up and curl it’s a physical and a mental part of the game because when you do the hard work in the gym this is your other one over here bring them strict here then you go into the water and you’re just going to know you’ve done the work and you’re that much more confident and now it’s time to put it on the line and then it becomes you the ocean in time you know it’s not about who you’re surfing against really and into it okay remember to come into it kay I’ll spot you I’ll be back I definitely wanted you good this next year and I definitely want to show people I go surf but like I want to do good and Kondos from myself not for anyone else this year three control your breathing and rest or we’re all going to go surfing howl even usually it’s like a super mellow place not too many pros out and we rock up and pretty much every pros out like Kelly and Sean moody and I think she and Dorian is out too and you know you just never know over here you’ll just rock up and there’s 20 pros out and it’s can get a little intimidating it looks really fun but a bunch of guys she’s called out you know a sex and there’s like you know good guys well I mean like it’s really cool to see but they don’t catch everywhere yeah you know just like Kelly said yourself us girls were very intimidating after we walked up onto the beach and there’s all these pros out just because sometimes I think they think we’re a joke but he was kind of like locked out of your mind and like I said go have fun and do what you do I always try to go wherever the crowds a little bit more bail over because it definitely gets a very hectic out in the water over here it’s a whole different story from pretty much anywhere else I’ve ever served because every surfer that’s you know good is surfing and the everyone wants a wave everyone wants your wave everyone wants to be catching the most ways and I’m cool to be out there with them at the same time because you really see how Kelly’s like constantly moving in he’s a constantly catching wind so it kind of puts a a new perspective into like how to free soup in tune with the water and he just has that knowledge and you can see it in his eyes just to be just right there’s a we just serve Halima with Kelly Slater and a lot of latitude it was a good surf session for me and Leila that was really fun it was fun look at us we’re just smiling surfing just makes us happy it’s really weird we are here at the malleolus foundation for kids with cystic fibrosis I think it makes the kids really happy and just such a good cause


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