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Aerial drone fly of Surfing beautiful Cronulla beach NSW Australia using Dji Phantom 4 road trip 19


So in this episode we’re in Newcastle i am just about to set up to do a job for the light rail in Newcastle one from the ground walking two from the bike with a camera on and then for the drive just giving jack a last stretch of his legs so here I’m walking around the streets of Newcastle in and around the light rail showing access with the DJI Osmo so this is the setup i had on the little mad ass motorbike at DJI Osmo so first I decided to do a little test to see how it all worked out cornering camera stayed level and then the straight and thumps and just decided to test it before I actually went in in and amongst all the works going on so here’s a little snippet of some of the roadworks going on around the light rail in Newcastle and now to the drone part this is the drone I used for the first day and then the camera failed or not I’ve had four cameras fail on my drones over the nine years I’ve been flying them and I replaced it with this drone to finish the aerial, I’ve decided to show you this particular day I did the drone fly over the light-rail main reason is the wind I was very skeptical about flying it but I did some tests and as you can see in the top left-hand corner we had 53 km winds with 74.1 km gusts one Colossus the drone moved around a little bit but it still handled it for the first part of this shoot and then as we’re starting to get closer to this intersection I noticed that it actually started to slow as you can see there so I put the four stick full forward and then actually stopped so I’ve got my stick fall forward and it would not move the wind coming over these buildings made a cushion so I decided to move a little bit sideways to the right to see if it would move forward and it started to slowly move forward I had it in normal flight mode so now I’m thinking well I’ll see how it goes and see if I can continue the fly a few times it slowed down and as we’re going through this section I’ll just let you know on to the right on the grass there a little bit and that’s where my first position was for flying so I’m continued and fly it’s slowed down a little bit then sped up so then I decided to put it into the sports mode to see how it would react with there and it handled the wind without a problem so I’ve just about here and I just click it into sports mode I wanted a fairly wide open area where I could do it and then there you can see it actually speed up so yeah I was quite surprised it handled wind to this this strength for this particular shoot it was like two over two kilometers of rail I was actually filming so I had my first point which I showed you earlier so I flew to from that point back to the start of the light rail flew to where I was standing on the grass and then I actually walked up with it to the next point so I went six hundred meters one way and then from where I stood the first time it was another 800 meters to my next point where I stopped so I actually did a fly like 1.4 kilometers long but I was in the middle so I was only 600 one way 800 the other way so we’re coming up to this intersection here and this is my next point where I stop then I get in and I motorbike and drive to my next point bring the drone back to this point and fly on I’ll show you so I’ve already got him a motorbike moved it to this point from where I was standing it’s about another 300 meters down this line so I flew back to that this the start of this point which is about 300 meters away and then start to fly to it this is probably the shorter part of the fly but there was high building so I had to keep it short so I kept my eye on the drone at all times line of sight so just here was still I probably a little bit nervous here because the building coming up has got telephone towers on there and they tend to interfere once before with the drain just here but this time it seemed to push through maybe because I was probably about 60 meters high or 40 meters high the point we just passed is where I was standing and then it’s probably another 400 meters or 500 meters to my next point of the part that my customer wanted me to film so here we are at the end of Hunter Street and the light rail veers off in between some buildings and goes down to two Wickham but this is as far as I needed to shoot for this particular client so I just turned it around him a little bit of a view and show a little bit of the roadworks that goes from this intersection all the way back to honeysuckle so now to something totally now to something different a friend of mine Jacqueline and grant who a friend wanted me to film them doing this surf this is Jacqueline’s first time in the surf in a long time so it’s not a client it’s just doing this for a friend and a this is the result I had a little bit of fun I didn’t fly my phantom 4 Pro I flow flew my phantom 4 main reason because this is not a commercial job this was just a fun and I tend to not put my best drone at risk for fun and it reminded me how much of a leap drones have come in just one one model so I went from the the Phantom 4 to the fan of 4 pro and I really missed my Phantom 4 pro and its characteristics and it’s the way it flew so there was a little bit of adjustment to learn how to fly an older drone which is my backup – the phantom 4 just to get a handle back on what we were doing but yeah it was an interesting shoot Jacqueline had given me some sort of a brief of what she wanted but then when we were over the water I sort of had a free hand so I really was able to experiment and really have some fun in in doing a shoot the way I wanted to do it with a little bit of a brief from Jacqueline so this is Grant’s first wave I captured Jacqueline fell off the back of it that I just throw that in so as people do while they wait and away have a little bit of fun so Jacqueline organized her daughter Rochelle to film from Jacqueline’s camera on the ground I thought I’d just thrown a little bit of the how-to footage so one of the hardest things I found not being a surfer myself or did for a couple of years but it’s not my thing I found it hard timing the wave so when I thought there were no waves ready to go I would go in close and then circle around and then sometimes just sit there waiting for a way to come like I was here so this is Jacqueline’s first wave in a long time did really well for her first way just as a side note I really enjoyed this shoot and actually there’s not much I do shooting just for myself or just for fun mainly commercial work and it opened my eyes to how much fun I can have just to go out and do something for myself or a friend I just want to say a big thank you to grant caveman his nickname Rachelle for her help with the filming on the ground for a mother and Jacqueline herself which her businesses love capture passion she’s a filmmaker herself so thank you for watching our video we really appreciate it come join us on the journey either through Facebook Instagram YouTube or our website without your generous support we would not be able to produce these videos so please go to our patreon page and support us or go to our youtube channel subscribe


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