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🏄Garrett Mc Namara World record ! Surfing a 111 ft wave in Nazare – GoPro Hero


A really good trip The seventh heaven for some a shoot coronation the adrenaline portugal nazare fishing village 130 km north of Lisbon became famous November 1st, 2011 when da boss Garrett Mc Namara decided to write a new page in the history of extreme surfing according to experts, the wave measurement over 23 meters that day, the American returned from the Guinness book as he is addicted to thrills he did it again last Monday in … Nazare photographers immortalize the moment and since everyone comes out rules calculators and other measuring instruments and there, that severe figure. we take the lowest point and we define it as the basis of the wave then is measured. We found more than 34 meters at that moment. So a new record, Nazare when the swell gets started with his fault 170 km deep in the ocean offers dizzying waves to go there , send fat in all circumstances and there, congratulations .

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